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Fighting mechanics? (PvE + PvP)

Is there any information regarding the fighting system in this game? I know it's extremely early, and the answer will probably be a no. This came to mind while playing my current MMORPG, Black Desert Online (I only play one MMORPG at a time because of the amount of effort and time the genre takes into the games) with its some-what flawed, but mostly awesome fighting mechanics. BDO has probably one of the most fluid, flashy, intuitive, and skill-based fighting systems I've experienced in an MMORPG. With the way the game implements button inputs mixed with left and right click, the fighting mechanics feels like a fighting game, which, in my opinion is unbeatable- in terms of skill-based, action oriented combat. The moves are quick. The abilities are flashy. It is extremely skill-based, granted level and gear are similar. To me, BDO has one of, if not the absolute best, fighting systems in any MMORPG, because of it's skill-based nature requiring quick reflexes, and balance (again, if gear and level are similar).

How will fighting be in this game? Will it incorporate left and right click? Just wanting to get a feel at these early stages of the game. Any info is more than appreciated. Thanks.



    Read the combat section. Will give you a better overview of it. Currently being listing as a tab-target hybrid were dodging, movement, and positioning are important.
  • Good stuff. Thanks! Tab- based hybrid system, huh. I need to see this in action.
  • [quote quote=14456]Good stuff. Thanks! Tab- based hybrid system, huh. I need to see this in action.


    Make sure to keep an eye on their official Twitch channel - as the streams there will be a good way of catching a glimpse of the combat.
  • Its Pre-Alpha. And fairly basic but there is footage of what you can kind of expect combat wise. Looks like a decent go at the Guild Wars 2 combat system.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Youtube Video: Pre-Alpha</a>
  • I'd also mention here that there will be skills/spells in the game that are collision based. The mage in the video <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> puts up a wall and the monster isn't able to walk through it.
    Just think about how far they can go with ideas like that lol
  • [quote quote=14466]Looks like a decent go at the Guild Wars 2 combat system.[/quote]

    That's what I was thinking when I saw the description "tab target hybrid". GW2 did a pretty fair job of it.
  • Sweet. I'll def be checking out the Twitch stream. I agree, GW2 did a nice job at tab-targeting. Fighting still felt "skill-based". By that I mean being able to dodge attacks and required some degree of aiming. Fighting mechanics, to me, are a very, very big part of the game that cannot be ignored.
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