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Class Trinity system

I'm curious about the class system in this game. The FAQs paragraph for "What classes will there be" says they have 8 archetypes we can choose from. Without going into what each archtype will be, I'd like to know a little bit about the roles that the archetypes can fit into. Does Ashes of Creation plan to abide by the holy trinity system whereas classes can either tank, heal and/or dps?

From personal experience, the best dungeon and raid content provided by any MMO has been that of games that follow the holy trinity system, and I believe it's due to being able to create more balanced, complex, and fun dungeon and raid boss encounters.

On that note, will there actually be group instanced dungeons and/or raids or is your plan to have that content be something akin to public dungeons and world bosses?


  • I too am interested in this subject but from a different perspective.

    I personally am not fond of the trinity (only) system because I find there isn't enough variety in gameplay but the most popular mmo in the world stands by the trinity so I am with the minority I think.

    I would like to see the trinity backed up by further gameplay varieties in the form of utility (ie. crowd control, buffing / debuffing specialists, summoning etc.) or anything else creative that Intrepid can come up with. I think Intrepid need to add their own unique spin on classes to stand out from the crowd.

    It will be interesting to see what Intrepid have in store when they start to reveal classes and their respective roles.

    What type of class and role are you guys looking forward to playing?
  • [quote quote=1450]
    What type of class and role are you guys looking forward to playing?

    If the game will follow the holy trinity system, I would love to play a healer. Preferably one more in line with nature, unless this game is going to have machinery of some sort and a class can use said machinery to heal. It would be really cool to have a spec similar to a chloromancer from Rift. Chloromancers were a main healer in that game, but the selling point for me was t h at they did damage in order to heal allies.
  • Healer all the way for me, always my main. I support the trinity but have no objection (and kind of welcome in fact) the addition of any fourth as a CC type. I just hate how some games have done away with the healer role and everyone gets a large heal they can cast themselves. I love getting through a tough fight and having the feeling I really contributed to the win as opposed to everyone in the room just did all the damage they could to the boss. I like roles, you tank, I'll heal, someone perhaps can CC, the rest of you go to town.
  • +1 for Trinity'ness. I think it helps build a sense of "team". Different classes have to depend on different classes...
  • I feel the Trinity system is the way to go because it just works and gives each player within a group a ROLE,hence ROLE PLAY gaming.
    If players do not NEED any support from other players,then what happens is grouping becomes FAKE,nothing more than a tag where each players plays as an individual.ALSO design ideas that sort of lead players to play as individuals will not help to build a community.
    There is a reason why game after game just keeps dying off shortly after release,it is because they are all soloing games.When you build a community of friends the entire experience becomes way better short term and long term.Furthermore,what happens is players will just ignore everyone around them,then comes a time they need help they start asking people they chose to ignore all the time to come to their aid and that isn't right.
    I have gamed for years with what started as really bad players,it did not bother me because we all became friends and played together for many years.We would have never became friends if we just stuck to ourselves all the time.Point being that the Trinity system brings players together.
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