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Hi there Phoenix and everyone out there

Dropping by to say Hi!
Also, and I would like to know how to get more involved with this game because it looks very beautiful, and creative. It definitely has the impression of "this is not your regular everyday game". I am sick and tired of the easiness of completing a task, I want to explore. I want to make my own decisions on what will happen in the game. I want to create equipment on my own, and not grinding mob to get that unique item. So, I am really hope to get a feel of this game and share my thoughts on it what's good, what's bad and help create a more player involved game. perhaps the world of ashes of creation should not be only created by game developers, but also with all the alpha, beta testers.
Look forward being part of this game.


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    Hey! Glad to see that excitement!

    Head over to the discord (linked below) and become involved in chatting with us and helping others o/

    You can give suggestions there and discuss them with a multitude of people.

    If you have the finances, and are interested, check out the game's kickstarter (

    Hope to see you around!
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    Hello daryldsh!

    If you're looking to involve professionally with the game, contact the dev team via email:

    If you're looking a way to involve with the information we already have read this <a href="" target="_blank">community made info doc</a>.

    Finally, if you're looking a way to involve more with the community, come join the <a href="" target="_blank">official discord channel</a>.

    I hope you'll have a blast hyping the game with the rest of us!
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    Thanks authorize, I'll check them out.
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    Thanks VelvetBacon, I'll definitely check out all those great information. And try to contact dev team =)
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