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Hello AoC People

Hi all, y name is Diabla.

I have been following this game a little the last few of months. After spending a more time over the last two weeks reading up and watching vids I have become quite a bit more excited for AoC. Been looking forward to a sandbox MMO after playing the WoW theme park for so many years (12 yrs this Oct). I have played quite a few other MMO's during that time like Wildstar, Age of Conan, Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Aion, Warhammer, KotOR and some others. All were fairly decent games but only WoW has really kept me playing and most of that is due to friends in the game and the raiding scene.

Anyway, looking forward to a fresh MMO with some fresh features and new friends.

Peace all :)


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    I've always been into MMO's, but after a while I felt like I was just playing rinse and repeat over and over.

    Didn't have many hopes when I saw this, but it immediately sucked me in. I honestly don't know what to play while I wait, it all seems so boring in comparison x.x
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    Nice to meet you Diabla!

    What were the turn offs/ons in the previous MMOs you've played and what are you most eagerly waiting from Ashes?
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    Does anyone have any recommendations of a game to play, for someone whose been out of the MMO scene while they wait for this amazing title?
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