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Angelic/Demonic character racial skin

I'm looking at either backing in at the $500 pledge or $1000 pledge; do we have any concept art or anything like that for what some of those higher tier perks look like? For example the daemonic/angelic racial skin, royal costumes, dawnbreaker mount etc etc?

Thanks in advance folks! :)


  • Hey Barghest!

    We have the following;

    <img src="" alt="" />

    and then this

    Head over to the discord if you need any more info.
  • Very interesting, thanks for the info good sir! Is that dawnbreaker mount a flying mount, do we know? Or are the wings just aesthetic and it's climbed up that tower? Cheers

    Just read in its description that it glides through the air. Is this a literal glide rather than full flight? As in it can jump off of a cliff and glide down? That would be pretty neat!
  • As far as I am aware, the only true flying mount as of now will be the dragon mayors and kings get (may be wrong though). Others will have a hovering effect above the ground but won't actually have free flight.

    I am not sure about the gliding though at all.
  • Hello Barghest!

    The only flying mounts within this game are dragons that are given out only to kings/mayors. The other winged mounts will only have gliding ability.

    You should check more info from the <a href="" target="_blank">community made info doc</a>
    Also come say hi to the official discord channel :)
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