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Hey there, folks!

Vosa here, long-time MMO enthusiast here, excited to be a part of this project- and community. I just pledged, and I'll be looking forward to seeing all of you in-game once the alpha goes live.

I haven't really had the time to look into the sorts of groups that have already been formed, but I hope that there is at least some interest in pushing for a hardcore PvE community.


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    Hey there Vosa!

    I'm actually surprised by the diversity of the community. From PvP enthuasists, to PvE lovers. Even have your gathering circle as well as the RP pushers.

    Head over to our discord (link below) and have a look o/
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    Welcome Vosa!

    As Authorize said, we have quite a diversity here in the community, but that's good for such an ambitious game as Ashes is.

    If you haven't joined the <a href="" target="_blank">official discord channel</a>, come say hi and maybe we could discuss about a guild searching for good PvErs ;)
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