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Greetings from Norway!

I fell completely head over heals in love with the devs in the kickstarter video and I'm here to keep an watchful eye to make sure they don't mock things up! (Kidding.. kidding..)

I'm 27, from Norway. Married and the owner of four really shitty cats. I'm currently building my crazy cat lady rep but I might need a few more cats to pull it off. (I don't think my Husband will let it go any further)

I love reading books, I specialize in Urban Fantasy but I love myself some crime novels and a little bit of romance for those cold nights.
I love playing games, I started my mmorpg career when I was 15 and stumbled into Maple Story with no idea that it was actual an mmorpg and the people I saw running around were REAL people. I met my husband there, and the moment I hit 18 I moved across the country and we've been together ever since.

Saying I've been disappointed these recent years about the scene of mmorpgs is putting it mildly. (And we all know the word "recent" is extremely flexible). I could rant for hours about the many disappointments and how royally some of these devs have fucked up. But I'll spare you the lecture.

I'm here for the community, I'm here for friendship, and I'm here in the hopes that Ashes of Creation will amaze and bedazzle me in ways I haven't been in years!


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    Community's never complete without a crazy cat lady.Welcome aboard.Also, i'm curious what you pledged, if you did..
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    I just talked myself into changing my pledge to "Braver of Worlds".
    Originally I was a Founder.
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    Hi and nice to meet you!

    I have a cat, and she really is pure evil. I don't know how you could deal with multiple!

    Good to see new faces
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    Hej välkommen!

    I don't really speak Norwegian but I'm here to guide you to the inner parts of the Ashes community.

    Here's some useful community made <a href="" target="_blank">info document</a>.

    For further questions come to the official <a href="" target="_blank">discord channel</a> There you might also meet our awesome Community Manager Yavie and the very much respected Creative Director Steven.
    Be sure to say hi to them if you happen to see them online ;)
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