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Hello everyone!

Maldorf here, long time gamer and enjoyer of MMO's. Started on a little 2d called Tibia, loved that thing. Found many of my current gaming pals on Runes of Magic. Played Guild Wars 2 for quite long stint. tried to get into the WoW scene (wasn't really my cup of tea). Road the Archage Hype train into oblivion, and now I stumble into the land of AoC. If the game delivers even half of what it's showing i might just die happy. (re: i don't actually want to die)
Anyways, how are you all doing? I'm quite well.


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    Yes that sounds quite familiar what you've been through. There just is nothing worth spending my time on. The worst side of hypetrain is the high likeness of crashing into wall the harder the faster you're going :/

    Anyway, welcome to the community and be sure to check the discord channel too! (link in my signature) There's lots of good reasons to join and lots of good people to talk to :)
    Also check this <a href="" target="_blank">community made info doc</a> for any questions. That contains almost every known information about the game as we know atm.

    Also feel free to ask anything in here or on discord.
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    THat doc was stupid helpful actually. THank you!
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    Hey Maldorf o/

    All aboard the hype!
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    Welcome Maldorf o/
    Glad to have you in the AoC family =D. I hope all goes well and we continue to look forward to helping Intrepid Studios through fan base hype.
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