Start Something?

Well someone has to post something in here :)

In all seriousness, when launch arrives this looks like a MMO I can sink my teeth into in terms of guides. I plan on doing class builds similar to other games. Hope to see you on my site later in whatever year this gets released :)

<a href="http://deltiasgaming.com" target="_blank">Deltiasgaming</a>


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    Hey Deltia

    I'm looking forward to your guides. I have been using your guids for ESO a lot. They have been very helpfull.
    If the Ashes of creation ones are going to be as good as your ESO ones, I'm surely going to use them.
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    Hey Deltia, thanks for doing the spotlight on the stream today!
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    Can't wait for your input Deltia. Love all of your videos and guides.
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