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The Long Wait.

The excitement is here, i almost wish i hadn't heard of this game so early before release :(

But i am also glad to be able to support it into its development with the kickstarter.

Hope to see you all on the other side!




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    Lol, yelp...gonna feel long BUT if your old enough to have a job, or if you have kids or just other hobbies to keep your self entertained (such as this site and the people in it) it will go by fast enough. But when you are living it day by day (game wise) it's probably gonna feel sllloooowww as molasses. I usually play a few games that take up my time so I don't over think it, like the Dragon Age series(I will finish Inquisition at some point) just hate finishing a good story. I'm also re-reading a book series called The Wheel of's very...very long., Stephen Kings The Dark Tower, a few WoW book series, Dragon lance series and.....*cough* Outlander series....don't judge....I have feelings to!
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    The hype life!

    How to live with the wait..
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    You don't live, you just stop... HAMMERTIME <du du du dun> can't touch this.

    <set's up his makeshift tea table> and in the meantime, to calm your nerves, there is some tea to sipp

    <img src="" alt="" />
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    Until i can drink that tea from a cup made from the skull of an enemy i meet in ashes, my thirst shall never be quenched.
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