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The Crafty Captain Creating Convoys


Just call me Cap'n for short if you want, and I'll be making port here until alpha ("2018 you say? year 2018?"). A writer for fun and a lover of RPG's, I'm greatly looking forward to the possibilities that AoC will bring in its lore and and how my character can make their mark.

In game I plan to be a heavy crafter, so shout out to my crafting buddies and patrons! Perhaps one of you will receive some of my work at some point.


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    <img src="" alt="Welcome" />
    Hope you enjoy your stay, if you don't mind me asking; are you perchance hoping for sea content? ;)
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    I suppose I should be considering my username :P

    Honestly I'll have to see how it shapes up when they have developed it. I could see myself enjoying the exploration and potentially any PvPing or trading that might occur, though.
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    Aye Cap’n !

    Good to see you :'3
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    Herrow Capt'n pirate sir, my saying I'm'ya order sum good grog and rum. You got'ya some aye?

    Hoi, Capt'n pirate sir, see ya'll'round

    ARRRRRRRRRRRR <sipps some tea>
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