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[NA] Pure | PvE Progression | PvP Siege | Competitive | Hardcore | Casual

Pure, formally known as Corgi, is a guild that have been through couple of MMORPG. The first time our guild was create it was in Blade & Soul. In Blade & Soul we were the top clan (Guild) on the server in the PvP form and were mostly feared when we enter the PvP sound of Misty Woods, and we got the server first ogre world boss and the second Blackwyrnn (Major world boss). After spending couple years in Blade & Soul we decide that we want different game that is less pay-to-win, but this didn't go to plan. In Revelation Online we were the top player vs player and were in top 5 of the raid, Great Wall. During that time we decided to join Soaring Dragon to help with the PvP aspect. After two months the game went full pay-to-win. One person could wipe raids. So we quit, and now heading to Bless Online. Hoping a better future, after Bless Online, we will be in Camelot Unchained until Ashes of Creation release and it will be our main focus for long time.

Our Focus
  •  PvE Progression - We are creating A team for PvE progression to get server first in the raids.
  •  Economic Profiteer - Being the dominate guild to control the marketplace in Bless Online. We well be creating crafting network in the game to allow guild and make money to help players with gearing up.
  • PvP Domination - We plan to be the main guild in the Player vs Player scene. We will control the capital city on our server. We are only looking for quality players. You will have to practice and participate in house tournaments.
  • Influential Guild - Being the main PvP/PvE guild means trying be one of the most influential guild in the game.

If you have any interested in Pure, please join discord server and contact Knale#7964. You''ll have to fill out application to join the guild and will be on trial for a week. This allows us to know what your history is in MMORPG and you'll most likely be accepted. This is to make sure can follow the rules and able to work with our schedule. We will be playing Bless Online in the meantime, then Camelot Unchained.

What do we offer?
  • We listen to everyone in the guild.
  • Dedicated guild officers and leaders that quick to learn new MMORPG.
  • Experience veteran MMORPG leaders.
  • Organized guild and events.
  • Competitive and mature environment.
  • We will help you with your class.
  • Chain of Commanders to keep the guild rolling smooth throughout the MMORPG that we play.
  • Teams that players will be apart of to help the guild out.
  • Experience players with Bless Online.
  • We will help gear you up to everyone else.
  • We treat everyone equal and everyone will have to contribute, even the officers.
  • We will take in feedback to correct problem and how we handle the guild.
  • Discord is our choice of communication. We don't use any terrible websites that no one will every use. All information will be in the discord.
Requirement for Pure
  •     Level Up as fast as you can.
  •     Be active - Try to be active at evenings, and play at least 1-2 hours a day.
  •     Be dedicated player and reach the top. Learn about your class to better yourself. Learn about the new content and improve.
  •     Friendliness is a requirement to everyone. Try and group up with other people outside of your group. Make everyone feel welcome and not an outcast.
  •     You have to speak English.
  •     Mic are not needed, but you have to listen.
  •     Require to take part in guild events.
  •     Age: 18+
Guild Ranks
  • Guild Leader - Top Person of the guild.
  • Vice Guild Leader - Second in command.
  • Council - Leaders of secondary guild.
  • Officer - People that deal with the guild and recruit new players.
  • Raid Leader - Main person that deals with raiding
  • PvP Commanders - Players that oversee all the battleground and commends groups and their raids for Player vs Players.
  • Class Leader - Top players of each class.
  • Logistics Operators - Players that control the spreadsheets. They work with Logistics to get all the data for the spreadsheets. They also work with Commerce Leaders.
  • Commerce Leader - Oversea the money side of the guild and makes sure everything is being sold at the right amount. They check daily with all the other sectors to make sure we aren't losing profits.
  • Gather Leader - Person that receives all items for storage. They write down data on each players of how many materials they gather.
  • Crafting Leader - Makes sure we are crafting the right items. He receives all the items that players have done. These people looks over all crafter players.

Guild Member Ranks
  • Veteran - Players that stand out the most in the guild.
  • Core Member - Players that stand out in the guild and does most things with the guild.
  • Member - Social rank before becoming a core member of Pure. Players that accepted into the guild.
  • Trial - Players that are trying out for the guild.

Other Guild Ranks
  • Logistics - Deals with everything like goods prices, DKP, spending, players gearscore, inventory, transport of goods, and other thing.
  • Gathering - Players that go out to gather materials for the guild, which goes to crafters.
  • Crafter - Players that create the goods for the guild or to sell.
  • Economist - Players that sell the good that been crafted, they talk to Logistics to tell material that were used and help the logistics. These players helps logistics the most. This is where the money for the guild comes from. They are the ones that trade with other players.
How do I rank up in the guild?

Be the person that stand out in the guild, be dedicated and loyal to the guild, and be friendly and helpful. These are the core thing that well help you to easily rank up in the guild. The other thing is that you have be good at your class in the game. Be willing to improve yourself and become a great player in the game.

What is our purpose?

Our main purpose is to become the number one guild on the server in PvP and PvE. This mean that all our players will have to improve themselves and understand their roles in the game. We will be focusing on the PvP side of thing more than the PvE


Purity is the more casual guild in the Pure guild. This allows players to be more laid back and have fun instead of trying to focus on getting first or capitals and thing likes that. This guild will help with main guild in both PvP and crafting/gathering.

Our Victory:

Accepted Class:
We accept all Classes!

Guild Leader Knale/Howllo


  • Welcome to the forums! :)
  • [quote quote=1586]Welcome to the forums! <img alt="?" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2/svg/1f642.svg" />

  • @Knale you still around? or are you the same as the Corgi Lovers guild?
  • Nope
  • Hi all. I am new here. Its nice to meet you all.

    I have a question: will this guild be a serious PVE guild, aiming to get world firsts (dungeons/raids)? I am looking for a guild that has a primary and very serious hardcore focus on PVE aiming to be the #1 on the server.

    You maybe already said this, but I want to be sure.
    Let me know!
  • Darnis said:
    Hi all. I am new here. Its nice to meet you all.

    I have a question: will this guild be a serious PVE guild, aiming to get world firsts (dungeons/raids)? I am looking for a guild that has a primary and very serious hardcore focus on PVE aiming to be the #1 on the server.

    You maybe already said this, but I want to be sure.
    Let me know!
    Sorry for the late reply. We are serious in both PvE and PvP. We look to be the top players in both section of the game, due to our history of being at the top in both sections.
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