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Call this a paranoid delusion...

... but I totally came up with this game months ago.

I mean, I didn't <em>really</em> come up with this game, I just had a conversation about 6 months ago with my dad (who is also an avid MMO player) about "the perfect MMO." And I TOTALLY called a lot of the systems they are implementing. From players having an earned royalty status, to a corruption system, to cities and areas developing and changing when players do things in the area. Almost all their systems were in that headspace, so it's easier to list the things I thought about that isn't going to make it into AoC (probably)

-Classless System
-Roguelike Character Gen

I'm not saying that they're stealing my ideas or anything. What it tells me is that there is a market for this game and that I am in that market. I couldn't say if the systems are possible due to technical limitations, or if they'll appeal to a wide audience, or if they're even fun. But I can say that if it comes out as they plan, I'd play the hell out of it.


  • Not an uncommon thing in gaming, believe it or not. I recall when Hero's Journey was announced (it's a game that was never released, but helped create the Hero Engine), and it was basically everything a friend of mine had ever said would work well in a game. In a very similar way, there's another game out there under development (I'll refrain from promoting it), and it contains a lot of ideas I've wanted to see in one game over the years. Given that some aspects of AoC are seen, to varying degrees in other games, they're not "new" ideas, but putting them together is. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people wanted to see it happen.
  • As already said, nothing new unfortunately. With a friend of mine I talked many times about the MMORPG of my dream, that had a lot of feature this game seems to have (and some more of course). Basically I think that the idea you had was also the same a lot of other player (like me) had because this things are what is missing at the moment in this genre (one above all: player having influence in the world). Probably the developer thought the same thing and decided to create a game that could fill that gap in the videogame market.
  • [quote quote=15471]some aspects of AoC are seen, to varying degrees in other games[/quote]
    Come to think of it, Bladder, there have been a lot of the same sort of systems being teased in other games. WoW had the Ahn'Qiraj war effort, SW:G had player crafting as a major mainstay of the game, and who knows what other examples there are.

    Come to think of it, this game may fall into competition with that one game, (that was also kickstarted). They seem to have a lot of the same market.
  • Indeed, even the monster tokens have shades of the Monster Play part of LotRO.

    Not completely of course... I understand that... but a bit.
  • Yea I had this with so many friends to why games didnt combine or what would you do if u combine a class. So many things they are doing is such a bless.
  • Agreed. I think there is a mish mash of idea and understanding.
    That understanding drives ideas.
    So I dont think its too surpising many of use share a vision.
    They called it common sense once I think.
  • Many games over the years have had parts of it we love and parts we really dislike. Most of our dreams of a perfect "game" or in this case "MMORPG" come from us looking at our history of video gaming and going, "Man, if we could only mash these ideas together, we could have the game of our dream."

    The key however to always remember that no video game, comic, movie, nothing, is ever the "perfect" thing, but it can become something of great enjoyment as we overlook those little things that bug us. Like for me right now I play Final Fantasy XIV (also played during 1.0). I am willing to overlook the flaws that make my eye twitch at times, because the overall product is really fun to me.

    Do I wish it was more open world? Yes.
    Do I hate the fact that my next area of exploration is locked behind a dungeon? Yes.
    Do I really hate how the classes are refined now in 2.0 and I get no freedom to be creative? Yes.

    Everything else-- I enjoy about the game, but I still find myself pinning for the ye ol' days of EverQuest when I was on that first RP-PVE server where racial languages kept you from communicating and I was one of the first Iksars to cross over the ocean, trying to find a means to survive cause I was an idiot and forgot to bring along plenty of water and bread.

    Having to stand there with some gnomes and trying to find ways to emit, "I need food", when all they could get was I needed something and gave me water instead. It was a start-- and I got some language points from the deal-- Then later got chased by guards across three zones, but you don't hear people talking about these kinda misadventures anymore.

    That is what my hope AoC will do. Bring that back... But yes, long story short...
    We all have some conceptual idea what we want from a video game; Including us vets with 20+ years of Video Gaming, it is just the question if they can deliver it... and deliver it such away we can all go "Yes, this is what we were hoping for." Even if, there are some things we may not be happy with.

    Cause something by the end of the day, is better than nothing.
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