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Lore is SO very important!

please make sure you guys really develop some amazing lore, stretch back as far as your imagination in time can go, this stuff is what really draws a world really together and brings someone back over and over to see whats happening with our favorite villains or heroes or just dirt bags, its why so many shows that have general story or so engrossing and why people get addicted to soaps, (ok not the best example but we've all been there haha) but anime has is many people hooked who dont even care for the genre because you NEED to know what goes on with the characters and it amazing because the story continues and the characters grow and change and die and come nack and something new and anacient and mazing and secret but has been whispering and then its major thing to existence of life... its these things that really keep us coming back. dont get me wrong i got tingle so many times during the kick starter video this game is everything ive always wanted and told people. the mmo rpg genre needed this is something that can begin something new and amazing and be the for front of it all. but please make sure you spend alot of LOVE and care into some of the charterer if you the developers can get emotionally infested in things like imaginary character than so can we and well come back again and again to learn more.

either way im going to pledge and keep it going, i really have faith in you guys, youve dont this well and that youve had the backing to get things goin regardless and have employed experienced people gives me so much faith and love that you want the people and the game to grow and be better so kick starting to make it better just fills me hope that some game developers are in it for the gamers and the poeple and not jsut for money and fame :)

peace out

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