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Salute From Norway

Hey guys!

I am a 37 year old fart, that has been gaming all my life ever since my childhood friend got that Amiga 500 way back in the days :)
My favorite generes to play in no particular order is FPS, MMORPGs space simulators, city building.
Been playing WoW since vanilla beta and Star Wars Galaxies before that. My 1st MMORPG was Asheron's Call (the 1st one).

Was watching a stream yesterday that the caster showed videos of Ashes of Creation and holy moly I am indeed impressed of what I have seen so far. If they, let me correct; WHEN Intrepid delivers I may have found my new love =)

See you all in the game!


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    Hey man! Nice to see you join us

    I already like you simply because your picture is Recess. Loved that show.

    Anyway, feel free to join us in discord and feel the hype grow!
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    Thanks dude!
    I actually traced the character of T. J. in Photoshop using my tablet. It was a lot of fun, but man! All the work :)
    But I also enjoyed the show. Did not see it when it aired on TV back in the days, but watch a lot of it with my ex though :)
    Will join Discord later on today as I am just chilling with some Minecraft (Skyfactory 3) ATM. =)
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    Welcome to the community.
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    [quote quote=15547]Welcome to the community.


    Thank you dude :)
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