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[NA] Stonewall Companions [LGBT Guild] [PVX]

Welcome to the Stonewall Companions!

I’m incredibly excited for this game, and I hope you all are too. Like any good MMORPG, the game is going to be a stellar way to make friends, meet new people, develop strong relationships, and achieve milestones together.
I find that as a Gaymer myself, it can be hard to traverse the LGBT community and the Gaming community, sometimes having to sacrifice our own identity and cross stereotypes to really fit into either. Like the Proudmoore server on WoW, this guild seeks to be an open place of empowerment and fun to game on your own terms!

<strong>What are your goals for this guild?</strong>
We would be working to build this guild from the ground up. This is not a legacy guild or one with factions across other games either. Nevertheless, my expectations for this guild are high in terms of expansion staffed with a full website once enough people show interest and can expand into other games as well. I want this to be a home away from home for everyone in the guild, meant to support each other on and off the battlefield.
If you’re looking for a guild to grow with, to make new friends, and to becoming an important asset to the guild, then this guild is for you. All positions are open; everyone will have a chance at becoming a high rank in the guild. This guild focused on both PVE (but if someone wanted the PVP lead that would be stellar), will have a trickle down loot system to ensure all our members are appropriately geared, and will offer caravan services. This guild will welcome all types of players, there are no age restrictions, class/race restrictions, etc.

<strong>Tell us about yourself.</strong>
Of course you’ll want to know more about me as the guild leader- I’m 27 and in the NA region! I’ve spent my early career working to advocate for LGBT rights, very interested in RL politics but I keep that out of the games I play . I’ve recently started streaming league of legends on twitch as PresidentMiu so I’m very new to being public on the internet, but I think it’s all in good fun! I’m super positive, encouraging, and honest and want to surround myself with similar people.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If interested in learning more, please join the discord chat I have created:

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone that wants to become a Companion. Cheers!


  • Sign me up!
  • Man, I wish there was an LGBT Guild for the AU/Oceanic Servers.
    I would do it myself but, I would have no Idea where to begin.
  • I am 27 too and happy to see a LGBT guild forming :). Sadly my passion lies in PvP, but wish you all the best of luck!
  • I just switched this up to PVX! Come join us!
  • I didnt know you had a guild on proudmoore! Thats my server! lol I would totally be interested in joining this guild or the WoW guild! Cant wait for Alpha 1, im gonna join you guys on discord :)
  • Yes, yes, and yes.  I hope this is still getting put together!  I'd love to volunteer to help organize and plan launch!
  • Really hope this happens. 
  • Love to join you guys. Was part of stonewall champians on WoW for a bit  B) 
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