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[NA] Citizens of Ash welcomes you!

This guild will be starting up in the next coming months on recruiting and building up towards the start of something fantastic.

Citizens of Ash (CoA) Will be focusing on the economics of the world. Building a crafting/trading city. While we will have places for all groups. The focus will be big on trading with other cities and growing the trade routs.


Leader - Orangemehrkuri or Mehrkuri for short.
Co-leader - Dacormic
Co-leader - Staylor01

Everyone will have a bit of a say on how the Node will move forward. Everything besides Economics will be secondary and all ideas and plans need to benefit the town and her people. With this path in mind. Myself and my two Co-leaders with do our bests to make sure everything moves towards growing smoothly and quickly.

I am hoping to have our own forum page set up by the end of the month. So bookmark this topic if you are interested and I keep you all informed of what is going on.

There will be ranks and ways of moving higher in the guild.

Thank you all for your time with reading. Please leave a message if you have any questions!


  • It seems that you are making the assumption that guilds will be able to control nodes. The mods on the discord have clearly stated that this will not be something that guilds will be able to do. Guilds will, however, be able to control castles, which are different from nodes. Nodes are NOT for guild control.
  • I'm not making that assumption. Focus on the node changes how it grows and what can be offered, the quests, dungeons, events. If there is no focus things can go all over the place. While we would need a castle for other benefits. This would be a guild working together to get a node the way we want for faster growth.
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