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The Line (Fan Lore)

Hey everyone, Just threw this together based on what I could see on some from some of the videos and images. Its an easy read so enjoy. Let me know what you think also...keep it clean LOL

The Line:
The last of the guard stood facing the oncoming barrage of fire and debris. The air was filled with smoke and the stench of death. People were running as best they could towards the line of guards. Oxillion looked to each side of the line he and the rest of the city guard had created. It was to make sure, everyone could get to the portal safely. He and his men had not heard from the commander for some time, so he feared the worst for him. Some of the men that had families went to get them. None had returned, and now only seven remained.

The devastation was horrific. People running by on fire, bloody and broken. It was like a knife through his heart to see so many hurt. He and the remaining seven were powerless to stop it. The last remaining mage Phynren was holding he portal open. He was weakening, and It was visible in his stance and his face. It took tremendous power to maintain the opening. Ox knew him, and he also knew he would not stop unless he died. He was dedicated to his House and Order. Ox didn’t have to look at him because he knew the blue glow coming from behind meant the portal was still open. It was his only comfort on this day.
The fires raged in the distance and townsfolk continued to flow past the line. Ox found himself yelling commands to the other guards to help the fallen or to badly injured to the portal. Caring for the women and children was the top priority. There were so many he muttered to himself. Kranik to his left yelled to Ox and was pointing down the road. Ox turned. There stood something he had never seen before. It was a massive being. Taller that the buildings near it. It swung a massive pillar of glowing red stone. It was destroying everything in its path. Ox could see people being thrown into the air with abandon. Ox turned back to Kranik and yelled we must stop it! Kranik nodded slowly understanding it would probably be the last thing he would do on this earth. Tregon had come up to Ox’s right. What is the plan Ox? Ox turned, I am working on it. That is good enough for me he said. Ox knew that look. Things were about to go bad. Taking a deep breath and readying his shield. Ox yelled on me! All three stepped forward to meet the creature. He turned back to the remaining guardsman. Hold the line as long as you can! Aye, Captain! Ox, knew that meant he had taken charge and there was no turning back.

The three men in full gear walked an arm’s length apart to let fleeing townsfolk to pass by. Soon the number of people dwindled to nothing. The three stood shields forward waiting. Are we going to attack it, Kranik asked? Tregon grinned. Oh, I hope so he muttered in an angered tone. Ox, said nothing for a moment. Keep your shield ready and move fast. That will be our best way to keep it busy. If you see an opening take it. We have no idea what this thing can do so e ready for anything. Let’s use the wide flank approach. Both Tregon and Kranik nodded. We need to kill or slow it down. Kill is preferred, Tregon ginned. Forward, Ox yelled!

All three walked slowly forward and an opening arch formation. All were casting protection spells they knew and conjuring up attack skills. Tregon bolted forward and right and ran through a door of a damaged building. Both Ox and Kranik knew this was going to be life ending fight but Tregon was not all in his right mind. The cities fall hit him hard. This would make the fight very challenging.

The creature was smashing everything in its path. Flying brink and stone were now raining down on them. With shields raised to deflect debris they moved in closer. The creature now saw them, and it let out a ground rumbling roar. They were close enough to feel the wind it created. Their capes flapped behind them, and the smell of the creature’s breath was unbearable. Smoke and ash whipped by constantly. It created a glowing moving dance of devastation that wracked the senses.

Ox had had enough and moved first. Breaking into a run and watching the creature’s makeshift club the fight had started. He went in and his shield glowed as energy was released to create a field on the metal surface. His sword drawn with a static discharge dancing across the blade and was building up as he closed in. He was able to get in close and that had him concerned. A little farther he thought as he closed on the creatures left leg. Shield in position and sword raised he hit the creature with everything he had. It reared up and roared. He had hurt it. He then heard what sounded like it was casting. Before Ox knew it, there was an array of red colored stone shards appearing all over the creature. One went right through his shield grazing his left shoulder. Ox struggled to free his shield.

Kranik had also made his move and was charging. The creature was still chanting as he hit the other leg. Kranik was a large human and manage to get the creature to move its massive leg backward a step. His shield seemed to deflect the shards. Ox was to close he thought. The creature shifted his stand and ripped his shield form his grasp. Not good, he muttered. Kranik was yelling every obscenity he could manage as he flailed away at the creature’s leg. Ox looked back to the portal to see the last of the townsfolk go through. He could see the men behind waving them to come back. Ox made the call to retreat. Both Kranik and Ox started to pull back now dodging the massive pillar it was using. Where is Tregon, Kranik yelled? I can’t see him Ox yelled back. As on queue there was activity behind the creature. Tregon had a large broken pole. It made a makeshift spear of large proportions. He was running up behind and then he ran the sharp end in the back of the creature’s knee. The scream it let loose made Ox’s hair stand up. It turned with surprising speed to the threat from behind. Tregon had managed to climb up almost to its waste and then leaped out. Tregon! Ox yelled. The creature grabbed Tregon like he was a child’s toy. Bringing him up to its mouth and with one bite ended his life. No! Kranik yelled. Withdraw! Ox yelled. Now! He followed. Kranik now started to pull back and slowly. We will survive this and life to fight another day my friend! Ox, yelled. Ox knew they were close friends. Let’s go! Ox ordered.

Both turned to start running towards the portal. Phynren was still there on one knee with his spell still engaged. They both closed on him and grabbed him. All three turned to had the last thirty feet to the portal to cover. They could hear the creature approaching smashing and roaring. None of them wanted to look back. The portal was closing, and they were at the threshold when the pillar hit them. All three were knocked into the swirling vortex. Ox was turned around by the blow to see the creature reaching for them just as he lost consciousness passing through the blue glow of the portal.


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    Duplicate post which will later be evolved to continue the story
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    Duplicate post which will later be evolved to continue the story
  • Nice narration! Though, you may want to find a way to differentiate between your narration, and what your characters are "saying". Nice, though!
  • Yeah I was in a hurry and was toying with a few thing. Not a writer by any means but I found this fun.

  • That was. . .


    Excellent piece one i'm sure many will come back to read days before launch.
  • Fantastic job! I love RP and you are amazing! Keep going like this :D
  • pretty good stuff!
  • Lovely story Ox, you should type more ;)
  • Great story, looking forward to more :)
  • Aww!
  • Babe said:

    was that good or bad LOL
  • Very creative indeed. Beyond me for sure :)
  • Very nice now you just need to write a book :)
  • Fixed the more walls of text  LOL
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    Good stuff mate. In the first paragraph you have "he" instead of "the". Speaking of which, I'll just echo the first commenter about parenthesis whenever someone is speaking. 

    For someone who is not a "writer" you've done an amazing job of telling this story, definitely keep it up :)
  • Fixed it...thank you xanthham...  working on a story for time before this...I am assuming the portal is a transitional space in time though.Ox

  • Dalinsia said:
    Very nice now you just need to write a book :)

    Oh no you don't LOL.  I need more Lore for that anyway heh
  • Alright so here are my thoughts. 


    Gosh, the writers in this community never stop amazing me. Keep up the good work. 

  • Better than expected, really surprising how good all these stories are :wink:
    Keep up the good work !
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