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Weapon Skin/Player Effects

When I saw the new backers milestone, I got really hyped. I'm a big fan of visuals in a game and glows/effects for players and weapons are one of them. I think we could safely assume these skins will at least have some sort of a basic glow. But, I'm wondering will we get more than that with these skins and ones obtained within the future game? I've played a lot of MMO's, so I can't remember exactly where I've seen these ideas from. But what I think would be cool for skins is more than just a glow. What I would like to see are skins that effect the colour and shape of your slashes on your weapons. Maybe even change the sound of the slashes themselves. I think I remember seeing misty black swords that would drip black goo and make drops as you swing and player auras that would leave flower trails behind them as they ran. I'm not sure how hard or intensive this kinda stuff would be too add, or during mass fights if it would have lag issues. But it would definitely look really cool and give players are very customized feel.


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    I am more curios as to what weapon types will be in game, such as; are melee classes going to be able to pick the style of arm they carry like in GW2, EverQuest2, or even Vanilla WoW? Will there be different arming swords, hand an half swords, two handed swords Spears, polearms, axes, maces, mauls, knuckles/claws ? Are the mage classes going to have Staves, rods, wands, or some other type of caster tools? I myself love when an mmo gives the player the options to carry the weapons of their preference. I love pole-arms and spears personally, but most game dev's seem to forget that they exist and I'm stuck with the same basic European sword and shield or over-sized great-sword. At least make it so there are different styles of swords if the melee classes are going to be left with that one niche. I'm hoping at least they make it so arming swords like scimitars, falcions/ cutlass, and rapiers/ epies' or two-handers like tulwars, dadaos, and katanas (for the fan boys) are skin options; to at least let people have that costumed immersion to the toon that they are going to be spending hours looking at.
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