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Battle Hymn of the Righteous Crusade

One hundred men went to war today,
To siege a castle tall.
They all went into that curs-ed fray,
To see that empire fall.

They brought their shields, and brought their bows,
Their mages and clerics too.
They sought to end their evil foes;
With great steel to run them through.

Across desert sands they walked,
They sailed across the ocean blue.
Returned then, the scouting hawk,
Their righteous voyage was now through.

Began the war in haste,
Twang! Went the catapult volley!
The walls crumbled to waste.
our enemies then knew their folly.

<em>Battle-Hymn of the Righteous Crusade</em>
Sung by Balik the Bard
Transcribed by Ludalor the Explorer


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    I can see it now... A bard walking down a trail just singing this.


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    Thanks! I'm writing this as part of a series of poems, journals, tax records, etc. I'm going to keep it as lore-friendly and neutral as can be until we get more information about the world.
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    *tosses a silver coin* Well done, sir Bard! Well done, indeed!
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    *A man would toss toss the bard a coin from afar.*

    An excellent tale good troubadour, i commend you for it and will look forwards to your next great product of rhyme and riddle.
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