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Does the referral system already work ?

Hey, found the game on a reddit page on /r/MMORPG and started following it for more info.
I invite my friend to make an account also ( on my referral link) for more info when it comes, but I do not know if it worked or anything since in the referal subtab doesn't show anything new ( like visits or referrals). How does the system work currently on the site or is it even open yet ? ( btw i gave here the registration link after i generated it from the site ref generator ) . Also is there a limit to inviting people or anything like this to the system ? ( i find it to be a really interesting system ).

In the mean time I is waiting :( good thing I got books to read until release :D .


  • the system currently is working and keeping track of people who sign up, however until you can make some sort of purchases you wont be able to get that sweet sweet referral $. more info on the referral system can be found @ and @
  • So there isn't a way to check who you referred as of yet ? :) oh well good to know ( like your avatar :D to bad the writer got jailed so no season 3 too soon :( )
  • You can check who you've referred up to now by going to the "Refer and WIn" tab up at the top of the page. Then click on the second tab that appears near the middle of your screen called "Statistics"

    When generating referral links you can even give them specific names so you can keep track of which referral links get the most visits and such. This is useful for those who like to do Ad Campaigning, or maybe they like to keep track of how many people check it out in their guilds vs their skype group calls. I do that to guage interest on certain websites I visit as well.
  • Hmm, I see. So if someone that I send a ref link to uses the link to register it should show in the statistics tab. If it doesn't show anybody even if they registered using your link is there anything you can do ?
  • It should show a number beside it if you used it properly, or it could possibly be a bug. It will take looking into.

    It is possible for a person to be sent the referral link, they visit the site, then not make the account right then. Later so long as they haven't cleared cookies then when they create an account you will automatically be set as their referral.
  • Seems after I generated another one and sent it to someone else now I have a 1 :) .So might have been something on the way, still ty for the help :)
  • Of course! Happy to help, if you ever need something else send me a message. I normally lurk on the forums.
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