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Hello From the UK

Hello, I've been lurking in the discord channel wondering if this game is going to be worth investing in.
I am happy to say when the kick starter started I jumped on the band wagon.
Reasons? I hear you mumble.
Well I'll be honest. It's not the amasing graphics, node system or the kittens and puppies. No its the enthusiasum and background of the devs.
My main focus in MMOs is alway crafting/gathering/economy. I do love to PVP and although im no pro PVPer with a bit of practice and some quality loadout/skilltree advice from the pros, I usually become at least competent. PVE well I do love a bit of exploration and NPC bashing.
I was reasonably late to the party when it comes to MMOs with SWG being my 1st and still my favourite. The crafting and resource gathering system in that game has not and probably will never be bettered or even equaled to be honest. Followed inevitably by SWTOR then GW2, FFXIV, Repopulation and currently Archeage.
Here's hoping that this will be the game that reignites (is that even a word) my enthusiasum for MMOs which in the most part has been diminishing ever since SWG. It's a good job I have a strange addiction to leveling Alts, otherwise I would have to have found a more energetic hobby by now lol.

Well that's me. Good to meet you all and I look forward to following this game and its development.
PS. I apologise for the poor spellling and grammer. I am too lazy to proof read. :(


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    Welcome to the community ;)
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    [quote quote=16305]Welcome to the community <img alt="????" src="" />


    TYVM. I will hide from you on the battlefield lol
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    Welcome to the forum! *throws confetti*

    I was sold by puppies and kittens. The rest is a bonus. :P

    Enjoy, mate. See you around!
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    Welcome! New faces are always great :'3
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    TYVM @Zainox & @Authorize :)
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