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Hello from sunny Manchester UK

Hi Guys

I`m a little long in the tooth to be playing MMO games but saying that, they keep the mind young and the fingers nimble! ;)

I decided to be a "Braver of the Worlds" backer a few days ago as the premise of this game really caught my imagination..... will probably play a Tank or Fighter as I usually play a rogue/barbarian in other games I`ve played...but time will tell.

I tend to be more PVE orientated but not averse to some PVP, also guilty of playing solo a little too much at times...I know that is somewhat taboo in these games :) but love to do raids etc and get lots of enjoyment helping others out.

Looking foreward to sharing this new adventure with all you guys.



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    Welcome to the forum, "Braver of the Worlds" partner!! *throws confetti*

    You seem to already have some goals and choices set which is nice. It will be interesting as new information comes out, how many people may change their choices to adapt. I was never big on PVP either, but I feel this game will be great to get people out of their shells. It shall be fun, I look forward to it. Hopefully, I will see you around!
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    Welcome o/

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    Slightly creeped out here, I also live in Manchester, got the braver of worlds, normally play solo, and tend to be a watching my house now please?

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    Well i'l join in if you got place in the same boat... but sunny i don't know.

    Preferable maximum CC class but who know's.
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