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Hello from Greece...

I am so exciting for AoC ,,,
Cant wait to play this game... Exploring ,Adventure, Building, Crafting, PvP, PvE and so many more ,looking amazing.
So many good ideas ,,from a very interesting and promising dev-team that made me believe.
Looking forward to see you all in game,,i hope everything will run smoothly.


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    Welcome to the forum! *throws confetti*
    I really like your name. Hopefully I will see you around both here and in game. I too pray it releases smoothly. xD
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    Hello Persel!

    Have you already pledged for the game's kickstarter campaign? Have you seen the developer's streams every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm PDT in <a href="" target="_blank">Twitch</a>?

    You should also join the <a href="" target="_blank">community discord channel</a> and check the best <a href="" target="_blank">community made infodoc</a> for the up to date knowledge of what we already know of the game.

    Hope you'll have a good time waiting! :D
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    Thanks for the warm welcoming guys
    Sorry didn't have seen your replies i was working my referral program last days.
    The community activity in discord and twitch is great and the info doc very useful
    I was already aware of that all ,,but i appreciate for mention them.
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