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Lore as the game goes on.

As gamers, I think most of us love the lore behind the starting point of a game and learning the lore as the world develops around us. With this game it will be all player based so there is no set lore. With that being said will there be a transcript detailing the lore of an area or server? For players who aren't here from the start, it would be cool for them to know what players founded the area and about how the area was developed and how it will continue to develop.

For example, Lets say a small group of people founded a village. does it say that anywhere in that village? I'm guessing once the village reaches a town that it would have a town hall of some sorts. Will transcripts of world evens be held there for future players to read? Or will it be up to the players to self record such events to pass along for future visitors.

Lets say a town gets destroyed by a dragon. Will there be records or journals we as players can write in, in game, to depict on how those events happened?

I just think that it would be a cool idea to implement in the game if there isn't something already in place.


  • I love this idea. "The Chronicles of Creation" should be available somewhere!

    There should definitely be in-game records that future players can look over (and older players reminisce about).
  • I like this idea also. It will give players depth as they build the world. Lore masters and or lore books maybe a good option to throw into the mix.

  • This would be great to see. Would make for a more immersive world. This could flow on to other areas of the game such as bard songs or in game scrolls.
  • If there isn't anything official like that it would make for an interesting guild idea, a collection of lore masters who keep records for the server.
  • Might be a content release after live launch. The idea of in-game scribes was kicked around and eventually passed over as something that might come in the future, but too many other things that need to happen first.
  • Great idea to me, much like a codex button or something physical, where such stuff is stored. I do also love the idea of leaving it to the players to keep such historical events stored and remembered. Whether by word of mouth or a physical book/library though would be, in my opinion, coolest.

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    Maybe a town name-plate at each gate a bit like
    'Present Population: XXX. Founded (date) by '(Name/Guild.') ?
  • Tihs remeinds me of one of the games I quite enjoyed in the sandbox genre, wihch was Wurm online.  

    The way things were arranged there, the players could purchase what was referred to as a 'Settlement Token' which would grant specific permissions to only that player (or group of players), for a specific area of land, and prevented outsiders from making changes there.  The settlement token itself looked  like a sundial, but if you interacted with it, it would tell you the latest news and info about the town, the town rules, founders, members etc. 
  • A massive librairie somewhere that contains the recent history would be cool. Players/Player names that helped in a big way push a node to the next stage/ phase or to completely annihilate one (Or guild names). Could be fun.
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    This would be amazing, and would go leap and bounds into giving the ability to provide lore that the players can give and influence.
    This actually can be very important in introducing and keeping new players and visitors.  A sense of lore and history is the sort of thing the meta cannot touch with its slimy, borg like hands.
  • I agree. Lore and back story is one of the most important things in a game especially a mmorpg. That's why i have been able to play a game like World of Warcraft for almost 12 years none stop. The lore from Warcraft 1, 2, and 3. All the protagonist and antagonist, and there story on why they are evil or why they are good. I know nothing about Ashes of Creations lore so if the starting zones plant that seed of lore that most of us need. Then that would do wonders for the game in the future.   
  • I had a similar idea to this, where we as players have a journal we write into, to hold memories of our own personal adventures. Though dying would mean losing the journal, that can later be founded by other players to only be given and quest to return it. Though I've noticed a few flaws in the idea myself, and scrapped it, but it's nice to see that others have the same idea. 
  • Ponda said:
    I had a similar idea to this, where we as players have a journal we write into, to hold memories of our own personal adventures. Though dying would mean losing the journal, that can later be founded by other players to only be given and quest to return it.
    Hmmm, I like the idea but you're then dependent upon others bothering to find it and return it. Perhaps it might work better if the journal stayed with you whatever but, upon your player-death, you - literally - turn over a new leaf/(page), and the journal shows your new struggles and history of how your next life develops?
  • I think we, as players, should create something similar to the Order of Maesters from Game of Thrones. Gather a team of writers to keep historical records and such. I will also make my own thread discussing this idea more.
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