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Patent Pending [if not SEA, OCE]

The point of this guild is to create the best possible items we can by drawing out the most potential out of the resources of Ashes of Creation, whether that be by finding the best recipes or discovering our own.
We'll either have to have some combat oriented members for item hunting/grinding/collecting, or collaborate with another guild or other players for such services. Preferably the latter so that we can focus on crafting.

You can join our Discord at

Depending on how the servers work out, the guild will probably be based in an Oceanic one.


  • I'm interested, although I will be doing some adventuring and exploring. Who knows what we could find out in the wilds that others missed, and how we could put it to use.
  • It'd be a pleasure to have you.
  • I'm up for this, I have always focused on the crafting side of my MMOs. I plan on full gathering during the course of my adventures AoC. Also, is it planned to have a Guild HQ?
  • Welcome to the guild! An in game Guild HQ would be ideal, but as we have no idea how that'll play out as of this moment, I don't know for sure.
  • Also, we've tentatively changed the guild name to Apotheosis, and it turns out I can't edit this thread's topic anymore. Just to avoid confusion.
  • There is now a list of guilds on the forum with an available spreadsheet. We should let her know that we're in business.
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