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AoCSpot Unofficial Ashes of Creation Fansite

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AoCSpot Fansite Ashes of Creation has definitely made an impact on my perspective for the future of MMORPG's. As well as the Ashes of Creation community. I have never participated in such a community that's driven to work together for the success of an MMORPG. So much so, that I have been motivated to assist in the progression of Ashes of Creation as well. That's when I started working on AoCSpot, a fansite for the Ashes of Creation community. My goal with AoCSpot is to provide an additional source for guides, media, updates, and information for the community. As well as a spot for the community to share their love for Ashes of Creation by sharing fanart, articles, fan made lore, etc. Just like Ashes of Creation, AoCspot is currently in its early stage. There's still a lot of polishing and backend stuff I need to take care of but in the meantime, everyone is welcomed to stop by and register, share their post to the community, and comment on other members post. Hope you all enjoy the site! Website: For Feedback Contact via twitter at
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