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IP-Region Locked

Hello everyone, I just want to make a request to Intrepid Studios.

Please do not make AoC IP-Region Locked like they did with games like BDO. It really hurts the support from the community world wide.


  • Have you seen any indication that they're doing that? I haven't.

    I find it best to complain about stuff that's actually happening, myself.

    ie: If they announce they're doing that, oppose it then. Not before.
  • Yeah, I haven't seen anything that might suggest an IP block.

    Normally IP blocks occur when the publisher and developer are different, and there are multiple versions of the game (Japanese, US etc)

    AoC will be developed and published by the same company, so I don't see it being an issue
  • ++ to this please, i live in bangladesh, playing mmo since 2006, it really sucks when dev deciddes to go with ip-block q-q
  • I would also like an official response about this, while currently there is no indication that it's going to bo ip blocked, it would be very painful if I donated to their kickstarter, and then at launch it turned out I can't play because my country is blocked, I'm from Colombia By the way.
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