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[Solved] Log in bugs

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edited July 2017 in Forum and Discord Help
On this website, I can't log in with using the drop down in the header menu. I always have : "An Error Occur". So I log in by the Refer page. In this one, the font colour of input is the same than the background of inputs. So white on white is not really readable. On Firefox 53.0 (64 bits) - Windows 10.


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    I am suffering a similar bug. On my desktop my login works perfectly. However on my android phone it doesnt recognise my login info at all. If i try to reset my password on my desktop it works flawlessly but if I try and do it on my phone it just loops from email link back to reset my password enter your email address page. ???????????????????????
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    hi there are you still having issues loging in?
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    Hi ! I think the problem is solved
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    ok thanks :smile:
    ill go ahead and close the thread, any more issue's feel free to open a new ticket
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