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Hello from Italy

Proud founder pledger here, I can't wait for try the closed beta :D After 9 years of WoW i think i found a new MMO :V


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    Hello vesimas!

    How come you didn't go for the life time sub?

    If you haven't already, be sure to check in on the community discord channel (Link in my signature)
    Also this <a href="" target="_blank">community made infodoc</a> is quite useful source of what we already know of the game. It's worth checking out while waiting for the next stream ;)

    Hope you'll have a good time waiting!
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    Welcome to the forum! *throws confetti*

    9 years! Very nice. Let's hope this will be a great new home to move too.
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    Thank you both. At this time it's a little too much the life time sub since i'm waiting to for the new car and cat and i still need to pay both :P
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    Ciao! Benvenuto :)
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    Welcome mate

    Benvenuto :)
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