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Open for translation

Nowadays it is common for thousands of volunteer translators to make themselves available to produce subtitles for movies, TV series and video games.

My suggestion is that AoC take advantage of this demand and "officially" encourage the production of caption for the all game during the alpha, beta phases.

In this way, these captions could be used by players for free, including assisting in translation during the process. Lore, quests, cutscenes etc.

I believe that it would be a great support to the player community and an innovative marketing tool to spread AoC around the world in several languages.

Certainly, from the success of the translations, AoC will be able to be released with easy access to several languages around the world.



  • good point! you should probably tell steven this via discord or something.
    Also, spoiler alert!
  • There are already community members doing the translations for the Ashes of Creation official videos and Proxy's information videos. Whether they will do the same for the actual game I have no idea. Probably only if there is a lot of demand for it.
  • Just popping in to say that <a href="">Transifex</a> is a translation platform which it would surely be a good idea to use in case a community-driven translation movement for AoC comes into being someday.
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