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New Youtube directed to Ashes of Creation.

Hey guys I just wanted to say hello and that I will be directing my current youtube channel to ashes of creation content.

I will be covering news, events, information, and lore. I have done multiple youtube channels and this will be my main and most updated one.

I just released my first video about Ashes of Creation; and while you guys are already as excited as I am about the game maybe you can give me advice for future videos to come!
<a href="">Why You Should Be Excited For Ashes of Creation</a>

I have created videos for other Kickstarter projects such as Chronicles of Elyria and Pantheon rise of the fallen however felt like the paths of development have let me down. As such I stopped producing content for these games for atlest the mean time.

Thank you for looking into my content and I hope I'll be your 2nd source of information to come in the next few years.

Cheers; Merideus.


  • Hello, My name is Cody I run a channel called Violent Privilege Gaming. You can check it out HERE:

    The reason I am writing you is I want to get a group of friends to work with on the YouTube scene. You might notice my channel is a decent size. I want to get dedicated people in on my team with the channels they run a create a huge community around this game. Please if you could DM me on twitter @VPrivilege or on email [email protected]

    Thanks for your time!
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