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Suggestion from our community of gamer's now very interested.

1. Let me buy in already your siege video shows a ton of in game reality that appears ready for testing.

2. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, do not adapt the crowfall method of on and off testing. More and more games are doing this and we HATE it. As a community leader it s hard to keep people interested and it does nothing but help people lose interest. (god please this is the most important, a real testing module with milestones and dedicated testing servers, lets make it happen!

3. Great damn job, I love the art, the dark and gloomy feel and the fire and destruction shown in that siege video, your on a real path to the next Darkfall or Mortal online. The raid able caravans and real world trade routes are long time wanted.

4. Would love some more developer interaction or a community leader for this project, a place to apply would be great if your looking.

Unbeaten Spartan (guildhosting just stop hosting on us new site incoming @
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