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Do you need some proof, some action? ( Many videos to look through.​

Finding IC outside our keep
Training with past friends
Gloria Victis
Wiping the Dreadknights guild
King of THE HILL


Some larger scale PvP, Archeage, BDO, Revelations? (Youtube) Also<strong> many </strong>years of uploads.​

<strong>My personal stream</strong>

That sound that only warriors can produce, the absolute terror in the eyes of the enemy who is now inexplicably wet. There has never been a battle a group of Spartans could not change its direction or end it all together by simply appearing in our gaming history, come strike fear in ALL ZERG TYRANTS!

<strong>SPARTAN LEGION</strong>

Veteran guild for 15+ Years since Ultima Online, DAOCS, Shadowbane, Darkfall, Mortal, Darkfall Unholy Wars, BDO, LiF. World First Archeage and Tera competitors and many more. 250 member + Guild, succeeded in Alpha and Beta, Discord is REQUIRED! Leader Unbeaten Spartan and his family of officers returns since UO, DAOC, Shadowbane, DFUW, Tera, BDO, LiF, GV, and Archeage to lead another chapter in Spartan history.

<strong>Who are we?</strong>

Our guild has and always will be driven by Pride of Family. What does Pride of Family mean? In many guilds before this one we had never felt the name or emblem above our heads meant anything. Some guilds even set out to make a mockery of it, with stupid silly names like pink fluffy tails. We set out to change that, and over the years we have built a community that would not have it any other way. They take pride in their name, their guild but most of all their family. We treat each member in our guild as a brother in arms, meaning you will not PvP alone or find yourself stuck on a quest within the world. We quite simply never leave a guild mate behind…. However, here's the catch written in black in white, we will also not baby you or hold your hand, if you are simply inept to wear our tags then it's simply that. But we will put hours and days into training anyone with the heart for it.

<strong>Our Purpose?</strong>

Spartan Legion is recruiting serious players who wish to experience the best of end game in Life is Feudal. We are PvP and group oriented; however, we still have plenty of players interested in building and crafting especially if needed to PvP effectively. To put our guild in a nutshell we will build and expand to PvP, so yes we will build or craft as required, but our weekends and the majority of our playtime will be soaked in the blood of enemies.

Here is a basic breakdown of our ranks.

Spartan Peasant- Noob, earning the loyalty of your peers.

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Spartan Dog- Loyal Noob, access to chest, bags and has acquired a usable trade in PvP or Craft.

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Spartan Warrior- A Spartan finally, full member with full member benefits your honor and worth has spoken for you and you are respect among our members. This is the end of the trial ranks of acquiring membership.

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Spartan Hoplite - Capable respected fighter, this begins our PvP ranks, ability to call targets, organize raids and provide commands to be followed in absence of a Hand of the King or King.

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Spartan Spartiate - Max political rank, our council members. Incharge of the well being of our guild, alliances and acquiring, interviewing new members and those alliances. The kinds aid in the decisions of war and tactics.

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​Hand of the King - The most respected PvP rank with only a few slots offered for our PvP Commanders, as additional Spartan Kings. They are the next in line for arranging raids, calling targets and also part of a council members group and valued tacticians.

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Leader - Does it all.

How do you obtain these ranks?

Spartan Peasant - New recruit, apply ask to join use comms and be active.

Spartan Dog - Active and contribute show loyalty in war and craft.

Spartan Hoplite - Full member, respected and spoken for in deeds of honor and glory.

Spartan Spartiate - Heavy interest in politics, war, tactics and the well being of the guild above and beyond the normal Spartan. Great gather of information, outside alliances, seers of doom and glory for who and when we shall attack or align ourselves.

Hand of the King - You have recruited a team to become a PvP Commander and are a steady target caller and Discord user OR You have an appreciation for the recruitment of warriors, PvP, siege tactics and have proven yourself a capable leader.

Our PvP Commanders will only be five people. You will have all week to challenge these 5 people for their position once you have reached Spartiate rank. This will take place at the weekly PvP events. You will wear a specific guild emblem or color to show this hard earned rank on the field of battle and your dedication to the guild at all times. If you are challenged and you lose, you lose your rank and your right to lead until you earn it back. You can only be challenged by one person via the forums challenge a Spartan section per week.

How do I join?

Simply apply on website or post on this forum, and use Discord when you play.


Discord, free to use, simply PM for details.

Facebook page:


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    <strong>As website is under construction due to a host change, please PM me for access to our discord community I will be checking and replying daily. </strong>
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