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unOfficial Community Discord

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I'm happy to introduce an Unofficial Community Discord for Ashes Of Creation! The team handling this discord have worked with tens of thousands of gamers, while hosting their own discord servers for other MMORPGs. Our goal is simple with this discord:

We want to create a home for all fans of the game! With that in mind, we have the experience to make sure that your time in our discord server(s) are pleasant and comfortable. Cryy, popularly known on YouTube for his MMORPG reviews and gameplay videos, and I have worked together in the past to create successful Discord Servers such as the Unofficial Community Discord for Revelation Online. The Discord was the primary source of information for months into the announcement of the game until released their own discord server for the game. We're doing the same here!

Though we're aware there are other Discords available for the game, we're by no means saying we're better than any other server or person(s). The idea is to create a stable environment with a team backing up the server that have the experience in handling the amount of hype that the game is bound to generate.

We have special guests, events and news coming to our Discord and that's all thanks to the support of Intrepid Studios!

For more information head on over to:
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We'll see you there!


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