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-NA- ExtermiNATION (PvP, Node Domination)

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<strong>Guild Vision</strong>:
Crushing dreams of course! We will set out to make players stay up at night by exterminating and occupying specific nodes. Node domination will be our number one priority above all else. As a guild we want to make it certain that everything we do is done as a guild. As everyone knows by now taking control and destroying nodes will not be an easy task. Everyone will need to be on the same page, so if you’re interested in crushing dreams, taking sandals, occupying and destroying nodes we are here for you.

Other dream slaying plans: Take over caravans, sabotage supplies, pillage and claim castles, conquer guild war battles.

Of course this is only the beginning.
Notes</strong>: <em>Have like minded goals. Be loyal and trustworthy. </em>

Contact: Discord - Dojjin#3490 or San'dal The Geat Prophet#9047


  • Had to remake my recruitment post. My other was auto-deleted due to a forum error with editing.
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