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Redheels, <strong>WE <em>WILL</em> LEAVE OUR MARK!!</strong>

I'm building a Guild for like-minded people. The kind of people that want to...shake things up a bit. As the game state progresses, history is written, and battles are waged, the world will change as we know it. Guilds will rise and fall, fortunes will be won and lost, and geography will be in a constant push-pull conflict. So, if we aren't obsessively competitive, what's the point? As the world state progresses, players will start organizing battles; for both lore and control of areas. If you're in a tight spot and against the ropes, you're going to need every helping hand you can get. Mercenaries.

That's where the money comes from most days, but that's only part of the plan.

We will also aggressively attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Sew complete chaos and fear throughout the world. In other words, take Nodes and Castles that cannot be taken, screw over guilds, groups, and events. Even if we're unaffiliated, there’s always a buck to made by stabbing somebody in the back. Profit from the failures of others that we engineered ourselves. Spy, lie, cheat, steal, and betray our way to the top.

As a Redheel you are a facade. Join other guilds, gain their trust, and build intel on them. We will be a silent hand that strikes fear into the hearts of those with heavy purses, confident battle tactics, and close-knit friend groups. Keep my name on a StickyNote, notepad file, or whatever you like. There is no Discord, there is no website.

If you wish to be a Redheel, first join other guild(s). Find your place among them for now, and bide your time, build your intel.

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