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Aeon (RP??/PvP/PvE, NA, Hardcore)

<em>The will of Aeon calls. Should you take up arms, let it be by our side, or fall by our blades. We seek a city of great warriors and honor to the North, and by the will of the gods and the weapons we hold, we will forge a new age of living. Free. United. Strong, unlike any other before, or after.</em>

<Aeon> is a guild focused on traveling North and West as we enter the game, founding and flourishing a city of great honor, warriors, and people. We seek not strife nor sorrow, but will not hesitate to retaliate with destructive force. The victories of our leaders, are the victories of our people. We are here to tell our tale, won't you weave one with us?

Already have a campaign in the works for the first month of release. PM me for any questions, and i'd like to have a for Aeon here soon! I'll post updates here :)


  • why you no dp?
  • I'm sorry, do what?
  • Hey there! I noticed that this is an RP guild, and we at Ashes of Creation Roleplay, an unofficial Roleplaying community for this game, would like to extend an invitation to yourself and your guild. We can be found at the link in my signature, and would love to have any RPers that would be interested. Guilds and guildless RPers are welcome!
  • Hey, thanks for dropping by! I'll check it out! :)
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