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Stretch Goal. "The Under Realms"

I am particularly keen to see the goal hit.

I can only assume it adding another literal layer of exploration.
Dingey carverns, spelunking caves. monsters in the dark. hidden treasures.

What do you think "Under realms" entails?

26 days to is hoping for a second wave of backers


  • backers are slow but steady at this point and will probably remain that way til the last few days when we will most likely see another far as the under realms benchmark I'm pretty sure it'll be past by mid next week
  • under 100K to go for Naval and then 250 k for under realms. Im confident.
  • Really hoping for this one. I want my custom freehold to be able to go underground
  • even if we somehow don't make the mark for the underground I'm sure they'll make it anyway.......might have to wait til after launch before they'd have the budget for it though.
  • I can't imagine there being too many realms of that type. Certainly not 1:1 with the overworld.

    They'd be sick as hell where they would show up though. It'd be like playing baby's first <em>Dwarf Fortress</em>.
  • Would be cool to have a pk guild home underground :D
  • They will probbaly reach around 2m to 3m.
  • Well even if the strech goals aren't met they will most likely be features added to the game at a later point :)
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