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What type of PvP are you interested to see, or hope to see, in the game?

I am interested in the different types of PvP which AoC will offer.
The only information which has been released about PvP currently:
- There will be large Guild vs Guild sieges where it's a capture a point within X amount of time scenario.
- There will be small to large scale caravan raids where Guilds protect their caravans against attackers and anyone can join
- There are three combat states for players, Non-Combatant (by default, Green), Combatant (Purple), and finally Corrupt (Red).

The sieges would have boss NPCs for the attackers to fight and once they are defeated the attackers gain control of that point, the more points the attackers gain the faster the spawn rate is for the defenders. Eventually the time limit will run out and the defenders win, or the attackers will over power the defenders and take over every point.

Caravan raids are open world raids which can be instigated by anyone and anyone can join the fight as a defender or attacker while the battle goes on. If you walk into the combat zone without first confirming with an NPC which will be with the caravan then you will be attacked by the defenders.
As far as I know the Caravan Raids will end either when it reaches it's destination, it is successfully taken over by attackers, or when the attackers give up and leave.

The three combat states have different ways to be flagged as each state. To become a Combatant you either enter a PvP zone or you attack another player who is Flagged as a Non-Combatant or flagged as a Combatant. To be flagged as Corrupt you must kill a Non-Combatant. The Three combat states for players also comes with three different levels of penalties. A Non-Combatant suffers normal penalties, which includes; experience loss, durability loss, and dropping a portion of carried raw materials (which can be looted). A Combatant suffers half the penalties which a Non-Combatant suffers. Finally, a Corrupt player suffers 3x the penalty which a Non-Combatant suffers, but that's not all, a Corrupt player also has a chance to drop any carried or equipped items based on their corruption score. Which can be assumed to be based on how many Non-Combatants they have killed.

So which aspects of PvP are you excited for? And what aspects do you hope to see in the game?

I have to give credit to Isarii for the interview with Steven,, that interview is where I gained most of my information for PvP flagging. Thanks Isarii.


  • Im interested in all types of pvp content, from Sieges/ open world pvp and caravan Raids. can always count on me for when pvp stuff happens cause ill be sure to be there.

    Things that im excited for is Sieges and Caravan raids, being able to destroy someones stuff in a big pvp battle is always fun.
  • In terms of open world PvP I'm personally looking forward to ganking Caravans and not letting other guilds kill a world boss. And when there is no Caravans to gank or when there isn't any world boss up, I would like to go to a "PvP Map" and do my thing. Don't really care if this PvP Map is going to be open world or instanced. It can be instanced small arenas, 10v10 or so, it can also be a big open-world-like PvP zone where 2+ factions fight eachother. As long as I always have people to fight I don't mind fighting in any form of PvP. (Suffered enough from empty arenas and dead world in the past :P )

    In terms of weekly/montlhy "big" PvP I am mostly looking forward to Node Wars and Sieges!
  • I enjoy all kinds of pvp but I'm mostly looking forward to small skirmishes that happen around the world. I hope there is many incentives to partake in small skirmish pvp all the time across the world.
  • I usually participate in all available PvP modes of a mmo, but I'm mostly looking forward to small scale fights and huge GvGs. Nothing is more satisfying than winning a small scale fight while being outnumbered or defeating another guild group of the same size or even bigger.

    I also hope that there will be a duelling scene without hordes of players chasing them for being marked as combatant. It's annoying and somewhat sad whenever something like this happens.
  • 15v15 Fight until the death in an arena would be cool. Simple, fun and highly customizable. You can add pillars with spikes that hurt those who get close or get kicked into. Hatches that opens up under the players and they die instantly when they land. When the times starts running out the walls can start closing in and spikes comes out from them instantly kills anyone who comes close. Perm death ofc.
  • I'm excited for large GvG sieges. Some of the most fun I have had in gaming was in that kind of environment.

    I'm excited for smaller gvg fights of a dozen or more players fighting over some kind of resource node like the moving caravans.

    I wish I was excited for the FFA PvP of it. Based on a Q&A video I saw there seems to be overly punitive systems for PKers (stat degradation as you become corrupt). I understand not wanting to encourage griefing or incentive random player killings, but it does seem odd that a factionless game with which obviously embraces PvP to some extent would go this route. I have read several things about how they want the community to drive the content of the world, and how player politics will be a part of the game. There are even game mechanics which create economic incentives for large scale battles through resource incentives. However, while I do like these game mechanics which lead to contested territories based on an economic need, I think they are missing out on an opportunity for real player driven choices made outside of these game mechanics. It's fun to have small scale skirmishes outside of city and caravan fights against other guilds you are at war with. It's also fun to have "evil" guilds that naturally creates conflict between the players, and that's hard to do in with such harsh penalties.
  • I like open world pvp, where some areas are restricted, whereas other areas are not.
    For example, inside cities would be safe, but when you get out of the town, then its pk-free.

    It makes it more exciting.

    At the same time however, there should be incentives for PvP, but I'm sure the devs already got it figured out.
  • Steven has confirmed there will be arenas.

    Im into all types of pvp, but if the sieges are well done then thats the one im most looking forward cause i think its much harder than to make good arenas.
  • I like my PvP varied. I enjoy the closeness of a 2v2 and I like random duells, maybe even a tournament of sorts, duelles nevertheless.

    I would like some battlefield kind of stuff along the traditional line like capture the flag of sorts that don't overlap with each other. Just one or two, I don't need 10 variations of it.
    Hutball was and is still the one example that integrated pvp for me in universe in a fun way, to a high degree. Top notes in an ok game. Probably used more time there than anywhere else.

    And of course I am looking forward to sieges with all it's nounces and applications.
    I played GW2 and I want to say that I think it could have been more than a zerg feast, but I think that it is to equal terms the players fault who resort to the easy way of a zerg.
    It remeins to be seen if we get some deeper baseline for tactic/strategic play, I certainly hope so.
  • There needs to be a good balance between sieges and open world pvp, as far as the rewards for each are concerned. Usually, its those rewards that define which of the two are more popular. Also, harassing is also a hot topic. A limit on the amount of harassing a pure pvp oriented player can do to someone who is only interested in farming or leveling should exist, so that there is no fear of people quitting the game because they can't enjoy what it is they want to do
  • First we need to make sure PVE players and Crafters never need to worry about being ganked by PVP players. Lets put that out there now. There should be no way a PVP player can kill these players and just do it for fun, AND there is no looting of these players bodies. That does drive players away when they have to worry about looting their wares to someone else. Also you will end up with a situation like ArcheAge has where Freerich had 200+ Pirates on the island waiting for anyone to turn in travel packs. After a few weeks everyone stopped trying to take travel packs to Freerich and people got bored because it was a gankfest.

    Now with the Caravans we need to make sure that there is some balance in the number of defenders and attackers because again, if you turn Caravans into what happed in ArcheAge with Freerich people just quit the game all together and you lose subscriptions. Not good. Zergfest PVP while YES MASSIVE is not fun. Now you dont need Balance in player skill, or balance in the right PVP classes vs the other PVP Classes. Just in fair number of players taking part. If 10 people are defending the caravan 10 or 12 people should be allowed to attack the caravan.

    Now with sieges, they should be massive, HOWEVER the area of the battle should also be massive however there is no situation where you can be successful if you zerg 1 point. If that happens NPCs should come out and just 1 shoting people. You should want 4 or 5 attack points going on during the siege. Example is a specialized party coming up through the sewers to attack the East gate to let in one group. Then that group in the East gate fights to the north to open up that gate. Or a group of siege machines up on the mountain attacking the city but they cannot solely take down the city, they can only damage one part of the wall so defenders need to go through some caves to knock out the siege weapons.

    Also there should be no balancing of classes for PVP. If a Rogue gets up behind a mage the mage should die. If the Rogue is kept at a distances the Rogue dies. None of this, Well we need to balance all the classes out. No its just making sure all the classes are exactly the same. That BS needs to die by the waist side.
  • [quote quote=4071]. I am tried of people flooding the forms with people crying that they cannot get what they want.[/quote]

    Basicly your whole post goes against everything the game is going for, to add to that you encourage broken class balance. I don't know what you envision, but even ignoring what the game is going for, most of what you wrote I wouldn't want to see in any game.
  • [quote quote=4069]First we need to make sure PVE players and Crafters never need to worry about being ganked by PVP players. Lets put that out there now.[/quote]

    [quote quote=4069]Also there should be no balancing of classes for PVP.[/quote]

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    xD U sure u wanna play mmo? I think rpg is more what you want lol
  • I have to disagree on all points Helzbelz.

    <strong>Everyone</strong> should have to worry about PvPers at all times. It's part of the fun in a FFA environment that people can't just turn off their ability to be attacked. There can be systems and incentives to insure that It doesn't become a 100% gankfest, but crafters shouldn't play by a different set of rules.

    Absolutely no to restrictions on attackers & defenders. If that's what you want then just play an arena style PvP game, otherwise I don't see the point in following a sandbox adventure like this. Sure, being zerged 100 vs. 10 isn't very fun, but if you only have 10 friends then you may need to find more. Plus, your suggestion would do away with the potential for 3 or more sided fights on the caravan. If there is 1 defender of 10 and 4 different guilds come to the party each with their own 10 and only in it for themselves, well that's pretty fun too.

    With the sieges, zerging a single point is just as much of a strategy as sending a group off to flank. There absolutely should not be any kind of game mechanic to dictate strategy. How would you even implement that? If there are 50 people at the gate then all NPC guards do instant death damage? It would be completely arbitrary, and it's doubtful that it would achieve your desired result. If the defenders know that the game mechanics will force the attackers to attack from multiple locations then they don't have to focus all of their defenses at one point either.

    [quote quote=4069]Also there should be no balancing of classes for PVP. If a Rogue gets up behind a mage the mage should die. If the Rogue is kept at a distances the Rogue dies. None of this, Well we need to balance all the classes out. No its just making sure all the classes are exactly the same. That BS needs to die by the waist side.[/quote]

    Ok I lied I don't disagree with everything. I believe that rock paper scissors scenarios like this are an important part of class based games, and I hope that AoC will have this.
  • i like some of the ideas the OP had for some pvp activities. voluntary on pve focused servers.

    as for some of the other replies about OWpvp:

    ehh, just have pvp servers. they are fickle cancerous communities and those servers are always shut down and merged first in every mmo (not opinion, fact from 18 yrs mmorpg experience). a niche crowd of children and mentally stunted adults that i don't either want to babysit or tolerate after 12 hours of tedious animation work.

    this being said i love pvp, but i'm not always in the mood for it. sometimes i just want to relax, chill, talk to guildies, watch some youtube and hit npc with a stick.

    I suggest all future developers take a look at Warhammer Online and how it dealt with owpvp in pve environments. I lived in the RvR areas. you step in them you are flagged (need factions, ie. good guys and bad guys or whatever) to maintain a healthy pve environment. but i'd legit be game for some of that as long as tanks have a role and not just be the guy that takes longer to kill than others lol. again....warhammer had the best tank pvp mechanics of any game ever released. you could full gear and spec for mad mitigation and protect the fk out of your group by guarding one person within 5m of you, holding up shield and protect allies behind you. the most fun i ever had in pvp....specially as a tank, if you loved tanking in pvp and never played it...i feel sorry for ya...sooo fun.
  • <strong>ALL, yes all!</strong>
    In the recent MMOs i've been playing, it have always been fraction vs fraction. So i'm curious to see how this system works.
    Well the large guild sieges is technically "<em>just</em>" like a keep siege in other MMOs.
    But the other ones are rather new to me. Arenas is definitely not for me. I like to run around in the open world and stumble on people.

    For me, and the ones I will be playing with, are most likely going to make stealther classes.
    In other MMOs we like to scout around and ambush. I'm most likely NOT going to kill non-combatant, cus' I hate losing stuff. But scouting for caravans, other combatants/corrupted-players to kill or lying in wait for staggers, are probably going to be my thing. I tend to play alone or with a small group, so a stealther class is more suitable for me.
  • [quote quote=4207]i like some of the ideas the OP had for some pvp activities. voluntary on pve focused servers.

    as for some of the other replies about OWpvp:

    ehh, just have pvp servers. they are fickle cancerous communities and those servers are always shut down and merged first in every mmo (not opinion, fact from 18 yrs mmorpg experience). a niche crowd of children and mentally stunted adults that i don’t either want to babysit or tolerate after 12 hours of tedious animation work.


    You sure like to look down on kids and young adults and then you speak of anecdotal evidence as facts XD. Yber mature of you well playd, it almost looks like a self parody. And you have the audacity to call other people and communities cancerous while bullying children yea that makes sense.

    Someone got their feelings hurt by some kids that were better than you in pvp, did they call you names afterwards?

    <img src="" alt="" />
  • any kind of pvp from the guild vs guild or faction vs faction and I wish to see again a "flag" system like in the old SWG
  • Definitely castle seiges. One of the things that were mentioned in the Q&A were Lineage 2 seiges, and I absolutely loved those. GvG politics, drama is nice but I hope its accessbile to people who arent in these guilds mega guilds. I guess theyre addressing this also which is fantastic.
    I loved RvR in Warhammer and spent nearly all my time there. Autojoin systems are really nice, i've always been a huge fan of thse systems that dont require a lot of time to set party's. I also like the feeling of dynamic PvP events and really dont like structured PvP at all.

    Overall, I listened to the Q&As and I'm really happy to hear how anti-grief and PK the developers are. Theyre trying to create a competitive GvG PVP system as well as an open world game full of exploration. Thats why I came here and thats what I'm expecting. The flagging system they have planned sounds solid and familiar, these have always been my prefered PvP type environments (lineage 2-esque) but the punishments for corrupt go way beyond what L2 ever had (which is good). Looking forward to seeing these guys flesh out the game and for more info to come.
  • I love open world pvp but I also enjoy the battleground/arena system that is so common in themepark games.

    With that said, if this game provides a healthy open world environment while also providing an Arena type system it might be the best of both worlds. I'd love that personally.
  • So non-combatant equals 'player waiting to be ganked by people who are board or just dicks'? I'm not a big fan of that model. I'm a big fan of PvE mmos with battlefield PvP, but open world I'm a bit skeptical. The Corrupt flag looks good on paper, but only if the penalties really discourage ganking. The whining about the penalty is going to be fierce, but the alternative is to see the game population dwindle like it does in all other open world PvP games. PvE and PvP servers would solve this, where Non-combatants can never be attacked unless they enter a PvP zone, siege, or other PvP only related activities. Just my 2 cents.
  • I like meaningfull pvp , it s more fun to pvp for some reward, also i like to see different kind of pvp player from lonely pk to group of players who pvp in guild for gvg / land conquest /etc. Multi factions pvp is important too. Openworld pvp is nice but arenas and maybe even battleground could be nice too. Those arenas and battlegrounds does not need forcibly to be instanciated, it could be some kind of periodic in game events. Reputation system for player (to identify player from worst pks to "heroes", etc) and some kind of rating for arena / battleground would be nice to have too. Else some Bounty hunters missions (given by npcs) against pk/pk guild etc would be nice too. For rewards in pvp , i think semi full loot / semi random object drop from bag / even equipement + gold drop would be nice too (somehow same as for a mob drop lol). Also there could be some "skills" and features to hide reputations (for pk in towns etc), and also some abilities to steal objets / gold from bag of player and lockpick house, chest, etc. Last it would be good to gain some exp when killing other player/pvp (the higher level the victim , the higher the exp reward, if player is at lower lvl no/few exp gain) : leveling up by pvping instead of Killing monster/doing quests could be much fun and could be interesting for game mechanics for end game / high level players.
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