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Dynamic weather?

Will there be dynamic weather in this game? I think it would be a really nice addition, especially since there are seasons as well.
It would really make each day (or night!) feel special, rather than "just another day/night".

I would also like pretty heavy day/night and weather cycles, so that you really notice if there is night, or if there is a storm outside. (Many games make the nights very light, so you barely notice that it is night)

Have there been any information on this yet? I haven't found any.


  • I think I have seen both snow and rain in vids so far
    <a href="" target="_blank">weather vid</a>
  • LOL theres like a whole video on it.
  • There will be dynamic weather, there will be seasons changing weekly and there will also be a day-night cycle. Everything affects the world by changing some monster spawns and launching new events for an example.

    So don't worry, the devs are already ahead of you ;)
  • From the Discord Q&A:

    [quote]48:15 Does the weather during seasons change or will it always snow in winter and rain in spring?

    Right now, weather does not change in seasons. Weather is specific to different seasons. It's also a feature you can toggle on or off for different things.[/quote]

    So, weather is "dynamic" in the sense that each season has its own look, but not in the sense that it changes during that season.
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