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Where is the Homage to the Lord of the Loo?

I find it quite upsetting that there is not any homage to me, the Lord of the Loo. Can any knowledgeable Loremaster shed some light on this?

Yours Truly,
Lord of the Loo


  • I too am thoroughly disappointed, as I have known and relied upon the services of the Lord of the Loo for many a year.
    I hope to see some displays in his honour in the near future.

    The Innkeeper
  • Thank ye, Innkeeper. I have enjoyed many cold winters in your cozy beds. I have fond memories of sucking the teet of a maiden, sipping on hot ale by the hearth. With the sound of lutes and mugs banging the tables. The smell of dirty travellers, piss stained floors still put a smile on my face. I hope to spend night after night in your inn, singing and sprogging for a silver to pay a wench.
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