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Cannot post anymore

I have not been able to post for about two weeks.


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    Hey there!

    We're so sorry for these issues, and hopefully I can help you out. Do you have any links/urls of threads you've created. All your replies that you've done have been visible so far, as for thread creation I don't see a history. If you create a thread, please post it below in a comment and I will take a look at it if it disappears after editing.
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    It seems to have started working again thanks.
    I could not even see this post last week.
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    I'm having a similar issue, and this is affecting my ability to dialogue with potential new guildies. My thread is, specifically, in the Guild Recruitment; I've tried to answer @Raptorcia four or five times; I've gotten "Hey, you're posting a duplicate," all while <em>nothing</em> that I'm posting is showing up. Is there a workaround until the new site's up and working?

    Thanks so much!
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    Follow-up: Hubs found he was having the same issue; he then removed his quoted material, posted, and the post took. Then he edited it to add back in the quoted material.

    I will point out that if you look at posts made the last few days, the quote system is falling down. Rather than "Quote" you see the code.
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    We’re so sorry for these issues, and hopefully I can help you out.


    Found the issue an currently I can post without problems using workarounds.
    Check my last thread in this forum section, I will bump it so it hops on the top again so it's easier to find.
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    Yeah. I just tried to post a new thread with an image link...
    It failed..invisible....but could reply.
    Tried reply without image link...still failed.
    No such post is found on the forums.

    Tried generating a new post with no link.......failed..... no such post.

    system & mechanics.
    Mentor System.
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    Having a similar issue been trying to post in fan stories and it keeps saying its a duplicate post but on post exists. Even tried creating a separate thread to no avail. Its under "Drinks with an old friend" Hope its a minor thing!

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    I haven't been able to post all day (hopefully this works).
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    Sorry to be an ass but surely a team that can create and code an MMO can master a web site?

    It is probably a matter of priorities. Well, plz consider this a priority problem for your fan base right now...
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    Just would like to add my experience to this (not to complain, but to provide more informations)
    So far I never been able to post a new thread. Sometimes I can answer, sometimes I can not. My answers did not contained any link, but the last one I was quoting someone. An answer that got posted contained a Block Quote that I manually added.
    Never tried with links.

    EDIT: Tried again to answer in a thread. My post did not contained any quote, any code actually, and no link. The answer never appeared.
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