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Dark/Death Knight

Hello everyone,
I really really love those knights with a cool dark armor where they can use dark magic to help them in a fight. In these game I really don't know how it can be possible to create somethig like this. Maybewith a combination of two classes like fighter/summoner (where he can summon some undeads)? What do you think?


  • You mean Lich King? ahah thats good idea bro :D And I want something like that also.
  • It's hard to say yet and also depends on what you consider a dark knight. Rogue might also be able to augment your skills in a shadowy way. We don't fully understand the class system and the limitations each class will have. It sounds like they want to be less restrictive so you might be able to give a summoner or other less traditional class with heavy armor and a big sword.

    Another thing to think about is religion. Your religion is something you level up separate from your adventuring class and we know you can get some skill augmentations from it. Maybe if you can follow a dark god and get cool power augmentations from it.
  • Probbaly wont be in the game.

    Fighter mage would be the closest to get probbaly in this game.
  • [quote quote=18410]Probbaly wont be in the game.

    Fighter mage would be the closest to get probbaly in this game.


    I just picture this armored bad ass walking into a huge battle, and choke holding everyone and winning the fight. heh.
  • The arch-typical Black Knight of a fantasy story is appealing concept to me, one of my characters will be made with that in mind. There is going to be lots of cosmetics and dyes in the game to make a dark armored warrior possible also like someone else mention here you might be able to worship a evil god who can possibly augment dark powers to your character's abilities.
  • The game does not appear to cater for
    dark vs light
    good vs evil

    Although we do have a corruption system in player and monsters.
    So there is potential for it to be introduced via that I think.

    We can go back to ancient celtic lore and the geometry of the tetrahedron to demonstrate the connection of the 4 elements.
    We can go back even further to the stones of skara-brae and the stoneage.

    We can also introduce on opposite to the forces of creation with an opposing tetrahedron of darkens.
    The 4 elements of destruction and dark souls.
    The realm of shadow as opposed to light.

    We can also introduce duality as a compound within everything of these 2x 4 elements.
    We then create the points of a cube.
    Black magenta cyan yellow
    White red blue green
    And at the center of the cube is alpha or creation/time, from which all of reality and the 8 elements emerged.

    Bah. Intrepid have ideas of their own.
  • [quote quote=18488]The game does not appear to cater for
    dark vs light
    good vs evil


    I don't know about that , it will be a very dull place if players can't play villains in a game that is driven by player conflict. There will be multiple gods and religion , I don't think all of the gods are strictly good ones.
  • Yea, i thought the same thing about a dark god who can give me the possibility to use dark powers. I'm sp curios, I really want to know if is possible and also I'm curios if tou can be a an undead. I mean, I know that there are 8 different races, but I also want to know if in the game there are some ways to get new kind of race like werewolf or vampire, ecc. And I want to know what a summoner can summon, I mean, he can summon demons or skeletons or beasts?
  • All you know that Warriors-imba class in any mmorpg...let's remember PW, GW2, WoW, Revelation...heavy sets and terrible damage in your think about it)
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