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Hello from California

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

I'd like to start by introducing myself as Grizzly. I am currently in college studying biochemistry with a minor in business administration. That's it for the normie stuff
I've been playing MMOs for the majority of my life, I have nearly a decade on WoW, I was an emperor in TESO, I was an alchemist in Skyforge, I led a medium sized guild in Ragnarok Online, I was very involved in Albion Online, and I have no noteworthy accomplishments in the following: TERA, EVE, Rift, DDO, SWTOR, and Guild Wars 2, etc.
In all of my experience bits and pieces of the MMOs I played stayed with me. Sadly, in every single one of those games I lost my love for it and fell out of the community. I have watched dozens if not hundreds of new MMOs sprout up over the years and I can't count how many of them were a disappointment to me and the community and there have been more false promises than I'd like to think about.
Despite all of that I am still hyped for this game. I rarely ever get excited about a game, let alone a pre-alpha game.
I have seen passion in the devs, something that many other games lack, and I look forward to seeing what will be done.

Thank you everyone for reading. Hope to see this community grow in the time to come.
I plan on playing a Nikua and I've yet to decide between summoner, cleric, and bard.


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    Welcome to the community xD
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    Thank you for the warm welcome, glad to be here!
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    At age 75, I am probably one of the oldest players you will meet. I have played MMO's since they started. Battle Tech was my first then Ultima Online. I was in EQ1 and 2 for over 16 yrs. Went on to play many other MMO's. Currently in Black Desert Online.

    I am hoping this game will have a great sea play area. I thought ArchAge had the best sea content of any MMO that I have seen. Would like to see something as good.

    My player name has always been Drudge or some form of it.

    I am in Livermore which is 45 minutes east of San Fransico.
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    Great to meet you Drudge! Your experience is honestly astounding. I am currently living 40 minutes east of L.A.
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    Hey there! I grew up in so-cal (oceanside) really missing the weather xD
    Anyway Welcome! Cant wait till this game comes out! Gonna be awesome <3
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    Hey man nice to meet you!
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    Nice to see so many welcoming people! Hope to see everyone in-game!
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