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Healers (Early Plans for Release)

My bother and sister healers.

Not alot of information is released on the classes and skills just yet. However i want to know your thoughts on what combinations you will be using and why. Are you a PVP or PVE healer and why do you think this will help you?

I myself am a PVP healer and these are some of the combinations i think will work great

Cleric Tank: This i believe will be a great large party support healer for Guild Wars and Invasions. While a Cleric Cleric may pump out some big heals. If they follow their secondary skill system, this means should be able to pump out some good heals, while also throwing out some shields on yourself and or others. We all know as Healers in a PVP fight. We are normally the biggest target, and the longer a healer can be out on the field, the better for the team. I believe this is going to be a great mix.

Cleric Bard: Another Support Healer. It may not give as much buffs as a Bard. However to add some extra zing to ones heals out in the PVP field, may tip the tide even by a grain. The reverse combination maybe just as great. Better buffs with some extra heals spreading around.

Cleric Summoner: This one is really out in the air but i thought be a good support class to maybe add some creatures to spread out in the battlefield that may also give heals or AOE heals that or maybe open portals that give AOE heals. While most people are focused on players, they tend to ignore the creatures and or effects. This may give the healers a chance to space themselves out and not have glowing stream beacons coming from there fingers for people to hunt them down with.


  • Sounds good so far, Zackallic.

    In previous MMO's my main was mostly a tank and my main twink was a healer so i'm very excited fot the combinations for tank and healers.

    But back to topic...i would like to see the combination about cleric/summoner for something nature-like a la warden/druid with animals and trees and all the nature stuff for the whole group :)
    Also would be nice to see a darker version like a defiler who deals damage to enemies and turns the damage into wards and smaller heals over time for the group.

    Can't wait for more detailed information about the classes and secondary classes and all the possible combinations.
  • I'll be a PvP healer that also heals others in world PvE. The specs that come to mind are Cleric/Cleric, Cleric/Tank, and Cleric/Rogue.
    <ul> <li>Cleric/Cleric, if I can do that, would probably be a safe bet. Focusing on healing can benefit self-protection in a way. All a pure healer needs is time to get off casts. A focus on healing would also let others survive under me better in PvE.</li> <li>Cleric/Tank might be the next best choice to protect against crowd control if it gets out of hand. It might provide better self-protection at the cost of healing, if Cleric/Cleric is actually a thing, but what good is a healer if they are dead?</li> <li>Cleric/Rogue would good if they could get the ability to vanish, sprint, and CC. Maybe it would not as good as Cleric/Tank would be against CC, but utility abilities to survive are always nice to have.</li><ul>
  • This will be a hard decision for me. I normally do PvE exclusively and stay well away from PvP unless I am very bored or just want to try something totally new. For AoC though I fully plan to take part in the caravan escort/raiding, sieges, etc. So PvP activities while I probably remain mostly PvE.

    That being said, for PvE I think cleric/cleric would be the best. Mobs dont target the healer unless the tank isnt doing their job (some mechanics do I understand) so I just want to be able to pump out the biggest heals I can.
    For PvP I really like the cleric/tank combo. As said healers are targets in PvP and a cleric/cleric will be squishy. Unless your team mates manage to kill your attacker quickly you will go OOM even IF you can out-heal their attacks.

    Sooooo, looks like Im leveling TWO mains......ugggh.
  • @Ceithlynn

    Awesome reply man, yeah a druid class i could really see and would be fun! I am to i cant wait for more information.


    Yep Cleric Cleric is a thing. You are able to double down on a class to get more of a boost on those still, instead of augmenting them with a secondary class. We suspect Cleric/Cleric will be the Mega Healer that will do the highest heals. However normally will be pretty squishy. Not sure how Cleric / Rouge will be but i could see some CC or escape abilitys coming with this mix :) it will be a great support healer.


    Im glad to see a PVE player coming to the PVP side of things for defense :) From what i heard its going to be a good mix between PVE and PVP that you may not have to have 2 mains. Gear is the same way. they want to make sure there isnt a PVP gear vs PVE gear, They just want to make it gear. So hopefully its just a dissension of what kinda heal style you like more and you can take it anywhere.
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