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(Suggestion) Chat System: Will there be proximity voice chat?

I've been wondering about your communication mechanics, will you guys add in-game voice chat to the game or will it be a traditional text-to-text system like most MMORPGs? I believe that adding a voice chat system would revolutionize how developers make MMORPGs, in the sense of how players interact with each other. If there is a proxy voice chat system in the game, it will make the player-to-player interaction more entertaining and more lively.

Let's discuss in the comments below.

P.S. I apologize if I'm repetitive in my wording...


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    They could do it, i hear they are working with discord chat to achieve something similar to what you described.
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    [quote quote=18652]They could do it, i hear they are working with discord chat to achieve something similar to what you described.

    [/quote] GOD! THIS WILL BE EPIC!
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    Although... if its just going to be a discord exclusive thing then whats the point? by exclusive, I mean that you need to have discord installed in order to speak in-game.
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    Thats true but discord is pretty ubiquitous with gamers nowadays. Maybe wait and see how it turns out. Or go on the official AoC discord and ask steve directly lol.

    And by intergrate i mean that players dont have to be in the same discord ch to talk to another if they are in proximity or in party as you described. But they probably must all be using discord.
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    If I can turn it off - then I don't mind.
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    Many games have tried and what always ends up happening is the voice chat is spammed by kids and trolls screaming into your ears, so anyone with an ounce of sense turns it off and uses third party programs like TS, Vent or Discord outside of game to talk to people that they actually want to speak to. Proxy voice chat will never work as long as there are people who think it's a good idea to shout "oh my fucking god you fucking noobs get a life you pussies!!!" at the top of their lungs. Since anyone worth actually speaking to will have this kind of feature turned off, what is the point in even implementing it?
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