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AoC Furry Guild [PvX] [Social]

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Ashes of Creation Furry Guild

Interests: The Furry Media, Community, Culture, and/or Lifestyle
Goals: To gather those who are a part of the "Furry" Community
Requirements: To consider yourself a "Furry" OR "Furry" Ally
How to Join: Contact "Kaji" on the AoC forums or Discord (Kaji#4608)
Social Programs: Telegram, Discord
My name is Kaji, the leader and founder of many furry guilds before this from other popular MMO's such as "Elder Scrolls Online" and "Black Desert Online". I'd like to offer this guild, as a fun and friendly haven for those out there who consider themselves to be a part of the furry community and are looking to play the game, Ashes of Creation, with other furs like yourself. I like to consider this guild, not as a PvE, PvP, or RP specific guild, but as a social guild to gather together all the furries of AoC. With this, I hope to help you meet, greet, and make a bunch of new fuzzy friends. This guild is for those who consider themselves to be a furry of any type or extremity. Think of this group like a social hub used to create it's own unique community within the game and to help keep track of those who are a part of the "Furry" community. I've always found it to be fun and fulfilling to be a part of a group such as this. Full of those who share similar interests and hobbies. If you would like to join, please contact me here on the forums or leave a post and I will be more then happy to link you to our telegram and discord group. I hope to see a lot of you take part and enjoy.

Already in a Guild?
Not a problem. By no means are you required to be a part of the in game guild in order to play or interact with the furries of AoC. With our Telegram and Discord channels, you can still be a part of the AoC furries without feeling like you have to commit in game or quit a guild you're already a part of.

...Are more than welcome to join as well. Even if you don't consider yourself a furry, and just a supporter then by all means your are more then welcome to join as well. Just be sure to stay respectful and have fun.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT start a scene/argument or post negative comments based on the fact that this is a group for “Furries”. I know these things happen often and so if anyone feels the urge to start anything of the sort, please just keep it to yourself and move on. This guild and topic is merely here for those who would like to just have fun and enjoy the game without being bothered.
Thank You~


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  • As a fellow furry (from the UK) I fully support this and while I can't join you, I hope your guild is a success.
  • If you'd like, you are more then welcome to join our Telegram and/or Discord Groups. Send a PM my way to let me know if your interested.
  • Just for your information, the forum has some issues and lacks quite in functionality right now until they can implement the update for a complet overhaul.
    We don't have a PM function right now and at some point you can't edit your post anymore, better integrate your discord name or a different form of contact opportunity.
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    Aha. Thank you for letting me know.

    For now, those interested may contact me on discord @ Kaji#4608
  • Bump for the Fuzzies
  • Yay furry fandom! I support this <3 Represent <3
  • no
  • Is this guild Furr-Real?
  • Is this guild Furr-Real?
    Why yes, yes it it Sir Proxy O.O
    I...I was not expecting to see you post in here ^^;
    (I love your AoC video's by the way. Thank you for making them!)
  • I lurk.  ;)
  • I lurk.  ;)
    Omg Proxy! Notice us Furries who want to create a fun social environment! :D 

    Thank you so much for posting you lurker! xD We're a great community with friendly faces in general! You are always welcome amongst us! (Still slowly growing presence here but you'll see us around :) )
  • Do you R  ..  P?
  • 🏃
  • Vlimpy said:
    Do you R  ..  P?
    Hey! While it’s not a requirement, I’m sure a lot of use Roleplay. I usually like to roleplay myself, creating a background, and getting involved in people’s stories! You’ll find a lot of us who roleplay! :) thank you for coming by!
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