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Support Class

Hello Community And Ashes of Creation,

I've been playing many MMO RPG's and i noticed that the "support class'es" was actually not support classes, i mean i'm support class fun and i really like support my team mate in dungeons or pvp's or even for grinding out in the world with just killing some mobs its fun :P.
The most support class'es in MMORPG's nowdays is with only few healing and few self-cast buffs that the game allows you to cast them on ur self only..
I'd like to see in Ashes of Creation a strong support class that can buffs his Allies and debuff his enemy with many strong healing and shields that lasts, cause thats the role of the SUPPORT class to heal and protect his allies also buff them before or while they fighting for the Victory.
I hope we also gonna see a good balance between the class'es.

Thank you for your time
Best Regards Two Gee


  • will be interesting to see the bard class which i am assuming will be one of the main support classes.
    EQs bard was awesome character class and easily one of the best kiters in the game that could do massive mobs on their own.
  • I'm interested in whether Bard will get some regen skills, so we can do a bit of healing without choosing cleric as our secondary. I can only see Cleric being the most viable secondary for support. I'm wondering if most of us bards will go this direction for the healing, or there'll be enough regen on bard that we can diversify our secondary a little more.
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