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Livestream raffle rules?

Can we get a clear definition of the conditions of the raffle after the Livestreams?

How many winners will there be each time?
Do you have to be following the channel to be a winner?
How long will the raffle window be open (please keep it open for more than 30 seconds)?
Can you post a winner list somewhere other than in the chat log (it's incredibly easy to miss it going by)?

There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding all of these and I'm guessing some folks may be frustrated by not knowing.

(I, personally, am used to winners being drawn and announced during the stream, but that takes up time, so post-stream is fine for me here)


  • Hi there!

    From what I've experienced from the previous streams:

    1. 5 people have been picked from the raffle part takers.

    2. You don't have to be a follower in order to win.

    3. The raffle was first open for a minute, but Yaviey left accidentally the slow mode on with 60s cooldown so some people might've missed that. Yesterday the raffle was open for a few minutes until the raffle bot crashed which caused some confusion.

    4. It might be too confusing posting a list of Twitch winners in the forums since people have different usernames on the sites. However it wouldn't hurt to list the winners with e.g. the weekly key draws. You have to still contact Yaviey via Twitch to redeem your prise.

    Hope this helped some :)
  • Aye, those are about what I've observed as well, but I've never seen any actual official comment that they are the facts.

    It also seems like the raffle window gets closed mighty fast too. It's very hard to pick it out from the scrolling chat though, so I just don't know.
  • Wait til u get slow moded right after sending a chat message, then failing to get into the raffle on time. :feelsbadman:
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